Data Centers Keeping Pace With Big Data

By Ricky Yung ’15

A major focus for today’s CIO is the management of big data, specifically how and where to store the large amount of data being collected by organizations.Ricky Yung

A panel of industry experts offered an overview of data storage issues at a Wednesday, June 25 breakfast meeting of The HUB, a networking group that George Mason University’s Executive Degree Programs help to sponsor.

As a guest of the university, I attended the meeting, which included a panel discussion about “The Agile Hybrid Cloud: Fast, Fierce & Flexible,” to learn more about how data centers are handling the explosion of data being deployed to remote servers.

One speaker, AOL’s Jeff Davis, discussed reasons why his company has moved more data offsite in recent years: an interest in disaster recovery in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy scare and the desire to use cloud space for application development.

Understanding the increasing demand for data management and data protection, industrial experts are designing data operations centers aimed at individual needs. These data centers are like one-stop shops that offer data storage, protection from cyber and physical threats, redundancy to keep businesses running during catastrophic events, etc. Because we operate in a world of unforeseen threats, leveraging data centers to build an effective contingency plan is important to ensure continuity of business operations.

Data center and cloud solutions are also a viable option for small and mid-sized companies that typically outsource their IT services, because they do not have an organic IT organization to provide IT functions. As IT professionals, it is our duty to help customers leveraging IT functions to drive maximum business results, and to ensure applied IT services are aligned with organizational objectives.

As a Techman student learning to be an IT leader, I found that the event provided key insights about real-world challenges and revealed innovative solutions to those challenges.

 (Note: MS in Techonogy Management students can attend monthly events hosted by The HUB as a guest of Executive Degree Programs. The next meeting is on Tuesday, July 8th from 4:00 – 5:30 PM at Teqcorner in McLean. Leslie Mulligan of Watershed Associates will speak about Excellence in Negotiating without Sacrificing Relationships.


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