George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

BUS 498 Student Presentation

Fall 2019 Case

Assigned case for this semester: The a2 Milk Company

Purpose of the case competition: To judge the ability among students to distill a case situation (including data) into actionable creative recommendations that are supported logically with the use of reasonable assumption (if the data are not complete) as well as appropriate application of strategic methods covered in BUS 498.

The main focus will be on team's ability to offer creative solutions based on the case scenario and to justify these solutions with rigorous analysis. The case that typically gets assigned has plenty of data and has open-ended possible solutions. A standard evaluation form, available at the case competition website, will be used to judge the in-class and the school-wide case-competition presentations.

Student team perspective: You are acting in the role as consultants or advisers to the company described in the case.

Presentation details: Imagine that you are presenting to the top management team of the company. You will have 12 minutes for your presentation with some flexibility to finish followed by five minutes of Q&A. Make sure anything that is salient is presented in these 12 minutes; flexibility is just to give you an opportunity to wrap up (instead of cutting you off on the dot). Do not use a skit format (e.g., acting out a meeting-in-progress between the company’s top management team and the consulting team) during your presentation. All team members should take part in presenting, but teams can rely more on stronger speakers.

Use of external data: The case typically chosen for the case competition has many exhibits and is rich with quantitative and qualitative information. Please use this information fully. If you feel it is insufficient for your analysis, you may do research and collect additional, external data. However, it is important that your entire presentation should be based on information that was available at the time of the case.