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School of Business
Fairfax Campus
Enterprise Hall

School of Business
Arlington Campus
4th Floor Founders Hall

  1. Agan, Barbara
    Program Manager, Executive EducationOffice Location:418 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  2. Anzaldi, Jennifer
    Project Manager, Marketing and CommunicationsOffice
  3. Auffret, Jean-Pierre
    Director, Research Partnerships and Grants InitiativeOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  4. Bolton, Patrice
    Receptionist & Administrative AssistantOffice Location:402 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  5. Brown, Rosemary
    HR SpecialistOffice
  6. Buchy, Jackie
    Assistant Dean, Graduate EnrollmentOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  7. Byerley, Mary
    Administrative ManagerOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  8. Caldwell, Whitney
    Program Manager, Executive EducationOffice Location:429 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  9. Carmichael, Lynda
    Assistant Director, EMBAOffice
  10. Champion, Sheila
    Student Request CoordinatorOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  11. Chhabra, Nicky
    Receptionist and Program Assistant, Executive EducationOffice Location:402 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  12. Chwat, Marsha
    ReceptionistOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  13. Clark, Bette
    ReceptionistOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  14. Crowson, Mary
    Program Operations Specialist, Research Partnerships and Grants InitiativeOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  15. Crute, Ashley
    Assistant Director, Career ServicesOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  16. Diemer, Rebecca
    Associate Director, Graduate ProgramsOffice Location:412 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  17. Doernhoefer, Nancy
    Admissions Manager, Graduate ProgramsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  18. Dolgas, Charles
    Program Manager, Government ContractingOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  19. Eberhart, Jacob
    Technology Specialist Office Location:Enterprise Hall
  20. Evans, Sylvia
    Administrative Associate, ISOMOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  21. Fernezian, Christina
    Administrative & Accreditation CoordinatorOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  22. Ford, Janine
    Administrative Associate, AccountingOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  23. Ford, Kevin
    HR SpecialistOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  24. Ford, Meggan
    Director, Academic ServicesOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  25. Gilbert, Jim
    Assistant Dean, Undergraduate ProgramsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  26. Grimsley, Kat
    Director, MS in Real Estate DevelopmentOffice Location:425 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  27. Hammond, Tara
    Associate Director, Budget and Human ResourcesOffice
  28. Hayes Collins, Mary
    Program Manager, MS Real Estate DevelopmentOffice Location:431 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  29. Hinton, Roy
    Associate Dean, Executive EducationOffice Location:419 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  30. Hitpas, Nicole
    Director, Marketing and CommunicationsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  31. Holtzman, Jessica
    Administrative Associate, Finance & FoundationsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  32. Hoskins, Carol
    Administrative Associate, Marketing and FoundationsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  33. Hreiz, Alice
    Office Manager, Graduate ProgramsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  34. Huang, Samuel
    Graduate Career ManagerOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  35. Ishak, Basma
    Administrative Associate, ManagementOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  36. Izer-Horn, Dolores
    Assistant Director, MS Management of Secure Information Systems & MS Technology ManagementOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  37. Jerome, Nicole
    Assistant Director, Advancement & Alumni RelationsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  38. Jou, Sisi
    Program Manager, Executive EducationOffice Location:427 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  39. Kleiner, Jennifer
    Marketing and Communications CoordinatorOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  40. Kling, Brenda
    Administrative Assistant, Center for Innovation & EntrepreneurshipOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  41. Kotila, Cathy
    Associate Director Procurement and AdministrationOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  42. Magro, Anne
    Associate Dean, Undergraduate ProgramsOffice Location:ENT
  43. Martin, Martha
    Admissions ConsultantOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  44. McGeough, Theresa
    Associate Director, Graduate Programs RecruitingOffice Location:421 Founders Hall (Arlington)
  45. Negash, Mona
    Resource Management AssistantOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  46. Nutter, Sarah
    Dean, School of BusinessOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  47. Palmisano, Janet
    Communications & Engagement Manager, Graduate ProgramsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  48. Parker, Torrye
    Academic AdvisorOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  49. Parkes, Katie
    Event Specialist, Advancement & Alumni RelationsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  50. Pflugshaupt, Melanie
    Operations Manager & Executive Assistant to the Dean Office Location:Enterprise Hall
  51. Pierce, Rebecca
    Enrollment Planning ManagerOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  52. Rockmann, Kevin
    Associate Dean, Graduate ProgramsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  53. Sharif, Marilyn
    Academic AdvisorOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  54. Stevenson, Judith
    Instructional Designer and TechnologistOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  55. Tiea, Andrew
    IT ManagerOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  56. Trang, Peter
    Technology SpecialistOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  57. Troutman, Mark
    Director, Center for Infrastructure Protection & Homeland SecurityOffice Location:450G Hazel Hall (Arlington)
  58. Vermaaten, Diane
    Assistant Dean, Finance and OperationsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  59. Ward, Jan
    Academic Advisor Office Location:Enterprise Hall
  60. Warweg, Peng
    Program Operations Specialist, Research Partnerships and Grants InitiativeOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  61. Weis, Eleanor
    Director, Advancement & Alumni RelationsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  62. Wever, Kristen
    Academic AdvisorOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  63. Willigan, Kerry
    Director, Career ServicesOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  64. Wolf, Paige
    Assistant Dean, Graduate ProgramsOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  65. Wright, Yashika
    Receptionist and Administrative AssistantOffice Location:Enterprise Hall
  66. Wulff, Robert
    Director, Center for Real Estate EntrepreneurshipOffice Location:423 Founders Hall (Arlington)

George Mason University School of Business

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report in the top 10 percent of all AACSB accredited business schools, the School of Business is one of only 25 percent of business schools accredited in both business and accounting by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International.




Main Campus
School of Business 
Enterprise Hall 
4400 University Drive, MS 1B1
Fairfax, VA 22030

AACSB Accreditation