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Giving to Mason Business

Over the past years we have worked with our community of alumni, friends, and partners in education to launch amazing initiatives to support our mission of creating career-ready graduates. These achievements include new degree programs, more professional development opportunities, and a makerspace for young innovators, to name just a few.

The School of Business has identified five areas of focus which will significantly impact our students and community:

Career Services 
The School of Business student to career counselor ratio is 1400 to 1. More career counselors means a personalized career coaching experience for each student, more professional development programming, and more career-ready graduates. Contribute to career services. 

Need-Based Scholarships 
Many Mason business students are working more than 20 hours a week to make ends meet. Imagine if we could replace every bartending job with an internship. Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative

Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative 
High-performing high school students and prospective graduate students apply to Mason’s School of Business but choose to attend other universities. Enticing the best and brightest students to come to Mason with merit-based scholarships elevates the classroom experience for everyone. Help build a foundation for our leaders of tomorrow. 

Faculty Fellowships, Professorships, and Chairs 
Each year we lose two to three best-in-class business school faculty to other universities. Funding to retain our all-star faculty and to recruit top faculty from other universities raises the quality of education we deliver in the classroom and the quality of research that bolsters the business community. Help endow our faculty fellowships, professorships, and chairs. 

Center of Expertise 
The School of Business boasts critical expertise in several key business areas—real estate, innovation and entrepreneurship, fraud detection, and government contracting, among others. Naming a center of expertise establishes its credibility and strengthens its capacity to dramatically expand research output and co-curricular programming. If you are interested in learning more about naming gift opportunities in the School of Business, please contact Eleanor Weis, Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations at 703-993-2412.

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