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Some of the Best Learning Experiences Occur Outside the Classroom

At the School of Business, you have the opportunity to seamlessly connect your studies with the contemporary business environment. High-impact activities outside the traditional classroom setting allow you to integrate theory with practice—to advance your leadership and management abilities. You use your creativity and problem-solving skills to address the kinds of challenges you experience on the job, no matter which industry or what country your career takes you to.

During the second year, you embark on an integrative learning project in which you apply classroom studies to a current business challenge. In this capstone project, student teams build on program course work to develop a strategic evaluation and plan for the management of secure information systems within a company or a division of a company, either real or hypothetical. Students may use a start-up project as well. At the end of the capstone project, the student teams present their proposals to a panel of executives.

Form Project Group Faculty divide students to form project teams. Each group is composed of students from different industries and skillsets to create a diverse and well-rounded project team.
Select Company Each group selects a company that it will consult with to address a major strategic challenge. Companies may be identified and selected from students' own personal and professional networks or from faculty connections.
Consult with Company Each group meets company representatives to fully understand the strategic challenge which the team must address and to define parameters for the consultation project.
Present Solutions At the culmination of the course, each student team presents its findings and recommendations to company representatives, faculty, and fellow students.