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Open Your Eyes to the World

You’ll find the coursework rigorous and stimulating, some of the best learning will take place miles from the Mason campus—in another part of the globe. An integral part of the Management of Secure Information Systems program is our Global Residency Program.

You gain an invaluable global perspective—and a rich appreciation for other cultures and points-of-view. Given the increasing globalization of all business enterprises, this kind of broader focus has become essential for today’s up-and-coming business leaders.

Our dynamic global residency exposes you to critical topics in international business management, regulation and entrepreneurship. The experience includes hands-on projects to illuminate management challenges in some of the world’s major business and financial centers.

The Global Residency: MESC 710 Global Residency

The MS in Management of Secure Information Systems program is fully committed to preparing managers to lead their organizations in the competitive global arena. This commitment is underscored by the global residency, a required two-credit course. Each cohort spends a week  abroad with the goal of gaining a broader understanding of secure information systems management and policies in a different cultural, political, and global setting. This goal is accomplished through briefings by high-ranking government officials and academic and industry leaders in addition to site visits to local and global companies.

While venues change with the world economy, past residencies for our other graduate programs include China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, England, Ireland, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and Argentina.