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Faculty shouldn't just theorize, they should execute

Our faculty live, work, and consult in the Washington, D.C., area and draw on their real-world experience to enrich classroom instruction—partnering with business leaders and bringing relevant research and new insights into the classroom. In addition to their teaching duties, they serve as your mentors and are involved in every aspect of your educational program.

They also do research in their areas of expertise—whether it’s cybersecurity, networking, enterprise security and privacy, decision making, technology management or critical infrastructure protection. Most of our instructors have achieved international renown because of their ground-breaking work.

Angelos Stavrou, associate professor of computer science, teaches in our cyber security program and was recently honored as a 2012 Mason Emerging Researcher—a high university honor.

The MS in Management of Secure Information Systems is staffed by full-time faculty from Mason's School of Business, Volgenau School of Engineering, and School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs.

Some of the professors who teach in Mason's cyber security program include:

Angelos Stavrou

Angelos Stavrou, PhD

NIST associate with expertise in security and reliability for distributed systems, intrusion detection systems, and privacy and anonymity

Rich Klimoski

Rich Klimoski, PhD

Expert in leadership, effective management of teams, and strengthening the human side of work organizations

Christine Pommerening

Christine Pommerening, PhD

Expertise in public and private sector approaches to infrastructure security and institutional responses to low-probability/high-consequence events such as terrorist attacks