George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

The Global Residency: MSEC 710 Global Residency

This required three-credit course includes a week-long international study tour led by a full-time professor. You meet business and government leaders, participate in seminars, and visit sites of local or multi-national companies.

The global residency is offered in the final semester of the program. While venues change with the world economy, residency locations for our other graduate programs include China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, England, Ireland, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and Argentina.

Students may also take TECM 750 Global IT Management to complete the global residency requirement.

2015 Global Residency

Countries: London and Tallinn, Estonia
Dates: TBD

Frequently Asked Residency Questions

Q: Do students choose the residency destination?
The decision on the residency destination(s) is made by the program's academic director in concert with the School of Business faculty.

Q: How much does it cost?
All travel costs including flight, lodging and most meals are covered in the program's per credit hour tuition.

Q: Can spouses or significant others accompany the student?
Guests may NOT accompany students on their residency.