George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Executive MBA in National Security Curriculum

In this program, you will complete eight 8-week modules. During each module, you will complete two courses, one in-person and one online, in an applications-oriented sequence that takes you from developing core management skills through the understanding and application of the tools of business performance to the talents of leadership.

Required Courses:

  • EMBA 653: Organizational Behavior
  • EMBA 633: Applied Business Decision Models
  • EMBA 603: Managerial Economics
  • EMBA 613: Financial Accounting
  • EMBA 638: Operations Management
  • EMBA 623: Marketing
  • EMBA 612: Managing Cost and Evaluating Performance
  • EMBA 643: Managerial Finance
  • EMBA 678: Business Strategy
  • EMBA 660: Management of IT
  • EMBA 718: Strategic Leadership in National Security Firms
  • EMBA 729: Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience
  • EMBA 740: Global Issues for National Security Firms
  • EMBA 741: The Business of National Security
  • EMBA 743: Growth Strategies for National Security Firms
  • EMBA 790: National Security Residency