George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

EMBA Colleagues 

Our Executive MBA program emphasizes leadership and the role of the general manager. You will choose between the Global EMBA, National Security EMBA, and Critical Infrastructure EMBA program tracks and earn credit for a broad range of courses that help you improve your management skills, increase your contribution to business performance, and develop the talents required for leading others.

An Experiential Learning Environment Rich in Cultural Perspective

Rigorous and relevant coursework inside the classroom is coupled with high-impact activities outside the traditional classroom setting. Through your course work, interactions with faculty, and the network of colleagues you build in the program, you have the opportunity to gain an invaluable global perspective—and a rich appreciation for other cultures and points-of-view.

High-Caliber Peers & Deep Business Connections

Throughout the program, you take all classes within your cohort consisting of 24-34 colleagues. You immediately form a network of business professionals you can rely on for help within the classroom and in a professional capacity upon graduating.

Through our established network of partnerships within the region, you also form relationships with leading business professionals who serve as valuable educational and networking resources for you throughout the program and beyond. Through course work, your class will interact with emerging businesses through the Mason Enterprise Center.

Global Learning

Hands-on experience is the hallmark of our global residency program—and a valuable opportunity for you to gain insights into other business cultures. EMBA students on the global track will participate in a global residency—where they will meet with prominent business leaders and serve as consultants, developing solutions to real time global business challenges. Students in the national security or critical infrastructure protection management tracks may choose to participate in a global residency at an additional cost.

Professional Development

You benefit from a dedicated career management staff that offers individualized career consulting, employment and networking opportunities, and online resources. Our strong relationships with the business community affords you a variety of opportunities to connect with and gain valuable insights from area business professionals.

Innovative Technology

Advanced technology is integrated into every aspect of our program. Classes are held in state-of-the-art facilities, especially designed for executive education. You have access to a web-based learning platform to facilitate email, file transfer, and other communications between EMBA students and faculty. We also offer online billboard and chat room functions so students and faculty can exchange real time comments on course-related topics.

Student-Centered Program Services

Our program team realizes that you have many responsibilities at both work and home, and they are committed to helping you achieve a quality balance during the time you spend in the program. On class days, we provide breakfast and lunch, as well as breaks. All books and materials are shipped directly to you. In short, we provide the support you need to successfully manage the many demands on your time.

Convenient Online or On-campus Program Options

We know your life is busy and have designed two EMBA programs to fit your schedule. Our traditional on-campus EMBA offers a combination of online and in-class courses delivered at our Arlington campus. Our Online EMBA has all the innovation, services and professional development of our traditional EMBA but in an online format.