George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Learn from the Best and Brightest

Our faculty live, work, and consult in the Washington, D.C., area and draw on their real-world experience to enrich classroom instruction—partnering with business leaders and bringing relevant research and new insights into the classroom. In addition to their teaching duties, they serve as your mentors and are involved in every aspect of your educational program.

School of Business faculty members bring both theoretical and applied expertise to the classroom and advocate real-world learning. They incorporate daily opportunities to connect business theory with reality. Role-playing, simulations, projects, and guest speakers are used to illuminate learning from textbooks, lectures, and discussions.

"Through their Organizational Behavior coursework, Mason EMBA students gain empowering insights on motivating, managing and leading teams. Our students' strategic perspective on maximizing human capital enables them to set new benchmarks for success within their departments and organizations." - Paige Wolf, EMBA Program Director

Some of the professors who teach in the EMBA program include:

Mahesh Joshi

Mahesh Joshi, PhD

Experienced executive trainer in the fields of strategic management, corporate entrepreneurship, innovation management, and global strategy

Jim Wolfe

Jim Wolfe, MBA, JD

Management executive, consultant, and attorney with 25 years of experience helping emerging growth firms

Sarah Nutter

Sarah Nutter, PhD

Former IRS economist with expertise in accounting for non-financial managers, taxation, and financial regulation

Amitava Dutta

Amitava Dutta, PhD

International research fellow with expertise in IT governance and auditing and systems thinking approaches to business problems

Keith Jones

Keith Jones, PhD

Director of Mason's Investor Protection and Corporate Fraud Research Center with research focusing on fraud risk assessments, ethics, and earnings management