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Delivering Immediate Impact

Our Executive Education programs address the needs of executives and business professionals from a wide range of industries, helping you meet the challenges in today’s changing marketplace.

Below is a list of established executive education programs that have been delivered for clients including General Dynamics, Oracle, Time Warner Cable, and Navy Federal Credit Union. These programs can also be customized based on your organization's needs.

We are a proud GSA 874 MOBIS Contract Holder (#GS-02F-069BA).

Building Business Acumen (BBA)

This four and one-half day program is a powerful learning experience to help understand the core activities of business. This comprehensive program incorporates critical business subjects currently taught in leading business schools, and is organized around a dynamic business simulation in which teams develop and execute a strategy using a sophisticated computer model of a global business. Participants in the Building Business Acumen program will develop an understanding of the lexicon and frameworks of business strategy, operations, finance and management.

President's Leadership Program

This two and one-half day program is designed to develop future leaders for the organization and ensure sustainability of leadership talent with the capacity to perform at the executive leadership level. Participants will generate capacity for strategic thinking and decision-making, information/environmental scanning, faster decision making and appropriate levels of risk taking.

Strategic Transformation

This one-day program designed for managers focuses on team development and optimizing organizational performance. The first half of the day concentrates on organization culture and workforce engagement as well as future and current states of the organization. The second half of the day addresses the tools and practices for high value innovation strategy, development and implementation.

Financial Foundations

This five-day program designed for managers organization-wide is designed to develop skills in financial and business analysis that contribute to better decision-making and organizational performance. Understanding business drivers, basic accounting principles, financial statements and financial and strategic risk are core goals of the program.

Executive Education Program

This four to five-day highly customizable program fosters understanding surrounding the core activities of business and develops leadership for tomorrow's business challenges. The program is designed around business principles focusing on economics, finance and strategy and emphasizes innovation and strategies that translate into the workplace.

North America Leadership Experience

This four to five-day program is built around the themes and critical skills for being a leader such as improving strategic thinking and decision making, understand leadership strengths and influence on others, enhancing business knowledge in economics, finance and strategy, improving understanding of industry strategies and business models, honing executive presence, communications skills, negotiation and team building skills.

Vice President's Program

Senior management is the target for this two-day program, which is focused on building a committed workforce, generating innovation, and leading strategic change. Leaders attending this program achieve a shared sense of the challenges facing the organization and are prepared to participate in the strategic direction and profitable growth for the firm.

Director's Program

This six-day program designed for director level managers is focused around three themes: A Strategic View of the Firm; Engaging the Team: Commitment, Confidence, Purpose and Mastery; and Sustaining High Performance: Operations, Execution and Expectations. Participants in the program will increase their capacity to develop and execute strategic initiatives at the appropriate level, propose and design initiatives in the pursuit of profitable growth and develop leadership and management abilities for sustained team engagement and high performance.

Leadership: Inventing the Future

Designed for individuals at all levels from top executives to emerging leaders, Leadership: Inventing the Future is a three and one-half day program that expands leadership capacity, improving corporate performance and positioning organizations to thrive. Participants gain actionable knowledge to be an effective leader, address the critical factors that drive human performance and creating value, move beyond hidden assumptions that block personal and organizational agility, create a climate of innovation and informed risk taking and mobilize people to generate and implement far-reaching, substantive change.