George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

School of Business Students Tackle Real-Life Accounting Problems

Eight accounting students at George Mason University’s School of Business recently participated in the 9th Annual Goodman Accounting Challenge.

Goodman and Company, the fourth largest certified public accounting firm in the Mid-Atlantic, annually invites teams of students to participate in the Goodman Accounting Challenge. The challenge is a competition that educates undergraduate accounting students about real-life accounting issues. Accounting students from 25 universities in the mid-atlantic region compete.

The students meet on campus for about six hours to prepare written solutions to accounting problems posed by Goodman & Company. Tests are then scored and judged by a panel of Goodman & Company partners and senior staff. The five highest scoring teams are selected and invited to attend the final round in the competition held at Goodman & Company's Richmond office where prizes are awarded.

Associate Professor of Accounting and Goodman and Company Faculty Fellow at George Mason University’s School of Business, Edward Douthett Jr. said, "Students that compete in the Goodman Accounting Challenge reveal qualities about themselves that employers are interested in. These students commit to hours of effort working on the competition problems; they work with team members that they may or may not know; and they tackle difficult problems currently facing the accounting profession. These are the self-motivated students that employers want to hire.”

A special congratulations goes out to all students who participated in this year’s Goodman Accounting Challenge: Jean Pierre Choutedjem Talla, Charmin Khilji, Sardar Usman Naqi, Christin M. Nash, Eileen Owen, David J. Primmer, Yen Yee Wong, Pey-Hua Yao.