George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

It Feels Good to Help People

“Tell me more about your future career plans,” Kaylene Green, ’87 BS Accounting, says to full-time MBA student Andrew Desing during a recent visit to the School of Business (School of Business).

“Yes,” adds Bob Green, ’76 BS Education, “We’re always interested in Mason students and their goals.”

“I don’t want to specialize in any one particular area in business. I want to get as broad a background as possible in general management,” Desing replies, “You see after I graduate in 2012…”

As the conversation continues among the three, you observe the Greens’ intently listening to Desing. As the exchanges go back and forth, along with smiles and laughter—the Greens’ genuine caring for this student is unmistakable, despite their only having met him a few moments earlier.

It is this generosity of spirit that characterizes the Greens. “Kaylene is always so gracious,” smiles Jorge Haddock, Dean of the School of Business, “She’s cheerful and enthusiastic, full of wonderful ideas and encouragement. You immediately feel her passion for our students and School of Business. She’s genuinely interested in them—their careers, their lives, and most importantly, their dreams. It’s what makes her so very special.”

Early in Kaylene’s career, she had an opportunity to be involved in advocating for her employer, Bath Iron Works, in their new office located in the D.C. Metro area—an opportunity she would never have had with an already established office. She realized if she wanted to leverage that opportunity and become successful in her career, she needed to demonstrate a serious commitment to her college education.

In 1979 Kaylene returned to complete her BS in accounting, and spent the next eight years going to School of Business part-time while she continued to work full-time. “It was definitely challenging,” she recalls with a smile, “I was learning so much. The excitement of applying what I was learning in accounting and taxation at my job the next day really kept me going. Every time I helped my company succeed because of what I had learned at School of Business, boosted my confidence. And by the time I was halfway through, I knew it was just a matter of time and hard work before I held my degree in my hands. The whole college experience gave me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.”

On September 27, the Greens showed their generosity in an even more tangible way. They became the first donors to contribute the Dean’s Investment Fund for the School of Business. This fund will be supported by 5 key donors and is expected to grow to a half-million dollars, beginning with the Green’s founding donation of $100,000.