George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

MS in Technology Management

So what's next in your career?

More responsibility?
Bigger challenges?
A promotion?
Move to a different company?
Want to change industries?

The competition is fierce, especially for the most desirable opportunities, so how do you stand out? Employers want to hire the best and the brightest—self-starters who better themselves through education. Now more than ever, success in many businesses depends on the successful management of technology.

Companies succeed with

  • rapid innovation—bringing technology products quickly to the marketplace
  • insightful technology integration—choosing the best set of technologies and standards for a particular project or application
  • creation of focused technology organizations—bringing the organization skill and flexibility
  • successful management of complexity—implementing systems thinking in a global and networked marketplace

Since 1997, our Master of Science in Technology Management program—a CIO University Partner—has been helping professionals succeed in these areas. Learn how to further your leadership career and help your company succeed in a technology-oriented marketplace.

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