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Samuels, Linda

Professor Emerita of Management

Linda B. Samuels spent more than 30 years at George Mason's School of Business retiring in 2013 as a professor of business legal studies. She joined the faculty in 1976.

Samuels authored and co-authored many articles on business and law related subjects. A number of her articles have been reprinted in legal practitioner oriented books and in textbooks. Her main area of research focus wass the effect of intellectual property on business and management and, in particular, developments in trademark law. She also wrote in other areas of business law and business law pedagogy.

Samuels served as Editor-in-Chief and Articles Editor of the Journal of Legal Studies Education and as President of the Mid-Atlantic Academy of Legal Studies in Business. She has also been a staff editor of the American Business Law Journal and of the Proceedings of the Mid-Atlantic Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

Samuels is a graduate of Queens College with a BA in accounting, (1970), The State University of New York at Albany with an MPA (1971), and of The University of Virginia School of Law (1975). She is a member of the Virginia, New York, and District of Columbia bars, though she does not engage in the active practice of law.