Tretola, Betsy M.

Academic Unit:Marketing
Position:Assistant Professor
Office Location:Enterprise Hall 149A
Office Hours:Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm & By appoinment
Research Interests:
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Management
  • Social Marketing and Cross-Discipline Research
  • Technology in Teaching, Learning, and Social Media
  • Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program in Marketing, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech
  • PhD - Education Research Methodology & NSF Fellow-Science Education, University of Virginia
  • MS - Business, Columbia University
  • MEd - Science Education - C & I, Science Education, University of Virginia
  • BS - Biology, University of Tennessee & Agnes Scott College

Tretola previously taught at James Madison University, Concord University, Virginia Tech, and the University of Maryland University College. She spend fifteen years with AT&T in a variety of roles including offer development manager, project manager in business markets, business process planning and reengineering manager, and education technologist.

Tretola is well published in a range of academic journals and is a member of the American Marketing Association. Her teaching interests includ advertising and sales promotion, brankd and marketing management, consumer behavior, international marketing, sales, and market research and methods.


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Edwards, S., Kim, D. and Tretola, B. (2009, February-August) Using Web-CAT for learner-centered software programs and testing. Virginia Tech Pedagogy Conference: February 2009 and paper in progress for submission to peer reviewed journal Funded by National Science Foundation Grant No. DUE-0618663. Faculty research seminar presentation.

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