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Cronin, Matthew A.

Academic Unit:Management
Position:Associate Professor
Office Location:Enterprise Hall 216
Office Hours:By Appointment
Research Interests:
  • Increasing creativity through collaboration
  • The mechanics of insight in problem solving
  • How interpersonal factors (in particular, respect) influence collaboration
  • Negotiation and integrative bargaining
  • Dynamic decision making and learning
  • PhD - Organizational Behavior, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MA - Developmental Psychology, Columbia University
  • BA - Psychology, Rutgers University
Matthew A. Cronin is an associate professor of management at George Mason University. He received his PhD in organizational behavior from Carnegie Mellon University.
Cronin's research seeks to understand how collaboration can help produce creative ideas, and what it takes to then bring these ideas to fruition. Innovation begins with a creative idea or notion, and so one stream of Cronin's research focuses on the generation of creative ideas, especially how people come to discover useful interactions. Once produced, creative ideas require instantiation in the task environment. Thus the second stream of Cronin's research explores the process by which innovative ideas are accepted and implemented by others.

Tinsley, C. H., Dillon, R. L., & Cronin, M. A. (forthcoming) How near miss events amplify or attenuate risky decision making. Forthcoming at Management Science

Cronin, M. A. & Bendersky, C. (forthcoming). The supply chain for producing quality organizational knowledge. Forthcomin in Organizational Psychology Review

Cronin, M. A., Weingart, L. R., Todorova, G. (2011). Dynamics in Groups: Are we there yet?. In J. P. Walsh & A. P. Brief (Eds.) The Academy of Management Annals, Vol 5. (pp. 571-612) Philadelphia, PA: Taylor & Francis

Cronin, M. A. & Klimoski, R. (2011) Broadening the View of What Constitutes ‘‘Evidence.’’ Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 4, 57–61.