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3 Keys to Ensuring a Smarter M&A Strategy

Diane Zanetti's recent commentary in Washington Technology was the subject for discussion in John Hillen's MBA course. It will be excellent preparation for future GovCon leaders.

Victoria Grady's Bloomberg News Series: On Challenges during a Presidential Transition

Victoria Grady

Bloomberg News commissioned a Government Series of articles on change management and the federal government during the presidential transition. This non-partisan series of articles explores the challenges of presidential transition. Written by Victoria Grady, assistant professor of management with the School of Business; Patrick McCreesh, senior associate, Booz Allen Hamilton; with David Clare; James Grady; Toni Jackman; Ikenna Nwankpa; AJ Schuler; Shruti Shah; and Jasper Saunders, articles are provided below:

  1. Nov. 16, 2016: Trump and his daunting change management challenge [link]
  2. Nov. 23: In a time of transition, focus on the basics of change management [link]
  3. Nov. 30: 5 change management tips for leaders in the new administration [link]
  4. Dec. 8: Federal employees and change: Measuring an organization's readiness [link]
  5. Dec. 14: As federal agencies navigate the transition, organizational culture is paramount [link]
  6. Dec. 21: Four tips for measuring successful change through the transition [link]
  7. Jan. 4, 2017: 3 strategies for effectively communicating with your team during the transition [link]
  8. Jan. 11: 3 tips for agencies requesting change management resources during the transition [link]

The initiative looks forward to regularly sharing insights from our affiliated faculty at the Mason School of Business.

EMBA, MBA & GovCon

Our path to becoming a Center includes creating a strong academic component focused on GovCon curricula, leading to a concentration, certificate, or minor.

A course taught by John Hillen in Mason’s Executive MBA Program—Special Topics in National Security—starts us on that path.

John also inaugurated a Spring 2017 course entitled "Strategic and Business Issues in the GovCon Industry. This is the first ever GovCon MBA elective.