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GovCon Courses

Strategic Management

John Hillen

Capstone course focusing on strategy development at business unit and corporate level. Cases, readings, and project format familiarize students with strategic management function and help them develop analytical, organizational, and managerial skills to analyze complex business situations. Provides opportunities to integrate knowledge gained in prior course work.

Managing Growth of Small Businesses

John Hillen

Focuses on unique challenges faced by small and entrepreneurial firms that seek long-term growth. Builds on concepts and knowledge of creating start-up company, and introduces processes and strategies required to become significant player in industry segment. Designed for students interested in understanding opportunities and problems in their own businesses, employment in small or entrepreneurial businesses, or exploring corporate entrepreneurship within large firms.

International Business Strategy

John Hillen

Focuses on the globalization of business activities, the strategic challenges faced by companies in global competition, and how companies strategically respond to these new competitive challenges.


John Hillen

Overview of major conceptualizations of leadership and motivation in organizations. Integrates theory, research, and applications. Students apply principles of leadership and motivation to their own work situations and case evaluation.

Strategic & Business Issues in GovCon

John Hillen

Prof John Hillen provides a curriculum oriented on the unique strategic and operational aspects of the industry, plus discussions led by top Governmentt officials & GovCon leaders

Organizational Culture and Change in the NoVA GovCon Community

Mandy O'Neill

Prof Mandy O’Neill leads two graduate students through applying organizational culture theory to GovCon, working with us to open a fertile ground for Case Study topics

Strategic and Business Issues in Government Contracting

John Hillen

The course focuses on strategic and business issues in the government contracting (GovCon) industry—an almost $500 billion per year industry at the federal level. The GovCon industry is very large, very diverse, and centered right here in Norther Virginia and the National Capital Region. With hundreds of thousands of companies of all types meeting the product and services needs represented in over 1.5 million separate federal contracting actions per year, the tempo and pace of action between buyers and sellers makes for an intense and interesting market. The level of focus in this course is on the strategic for the most part, but touching on major issues of business operations as well. In both instances, the unique characteristics of the GovCon industry will be explored in order to give students an in depth knowledge of the particular business challenges in the GovCon marketplace.

And in the EMBA program, GovCon Board Member Craig Reed is teaching two courses:

EMBA 741: Introduction to National Security

Possible topics include: National Defense Commercial Strategy, Competing Internationally in National Defense Sector, Small Business and National Defense

EMBA 743: Advanced Topics in National Security

Students will be provided an in-depth look at the strategy side of the National Security industry and will learn how security business position and re-position themselves in this changing market place. The process that firms go through to determine their overall strategy will be explored.

And starting in the Fall 2018 semester:

Graduate Certificate in Government Accounting

The 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Government Accounting in partnership with Kearney & Company is taught at George Mason University's Arlington campus and provides an opportunity for students to acquire education in the field of government accounting with a federal government emphasis. George Mason is uniquely situated in the federal government space. Additionally, courses in the certificate program will also help prepare students to sit for the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) exams sponsored by the Association of Government Accountants (AGA). Certificate courses begin Fall 2018. A link to the certificate is here.