George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Program Initiatives, 2016–2017

This first-full year of the GovCon Initiative is off to a great start. But there is more work to be done.

The following is a list of initiatives currently in the planning stage, for roll-out between January and June, 2017.


Create an EZPass Lane for Students, Government, and Business

In early 2017, the Initiative will fund a half-time position focused on careers in GovCon. The position will be housed within the School of Business Career Services Center.

For Mason Business Students

  • Students will be able to use the connections created by this service to seek internships and employment in GovCon.
  • Students will be able to create an on-line profile that lists their courses and skills relevant to the GovCon marketplace.

For Employers in Government and Business

  • Employers will have a direct connection to this staffer to alert the School on current GovCon internships and employment.
  • Employers will offer keywords and defined skill sets so that students can better focus their search for jobs.

Create an Online GovCon Career Knowledgebase

One of the common requests made of the Initiative is to find a way to expand a business student’s knowledge of the unique nature of GovCon, for example, public accounting, ethics and compliance, and understanding requests for proposals.

School of Business alumni have come forward with an express desire to advantage students in these topics and more. This will enable the Initiative to begin an effective response by providing knowledge of this important economic market.

As part of this effort, the Initiative will also create profiles of the alumni who gathered the information. This will give business students descriptions and educational guideposts when planning their careers.


Conduct a Case Method Workshop for School of Business Faculty

In January, the Initiative will present a proposal to the School’s Director of Research for a Case Method Workshop for Business Faculty. The case method is an active learning technique that promotes analysis and decision-making skills.

The workshop will be presented to faculty who would like to learn how to both teach with and write case studies. The goal is to gather 5–10 faculty members for a workshop to be held in the spring semester. These case studies will create a new research product for the Initiative that can then be shared among Mason business faculty but also promoted for use by business faculty across the United States.

The goal is for the workshop to produce a minimum of five case studies by the beginning of the fall 2017 term. Several faculty have already expressed interest in taking this workshop. A member of the Initiative’s Board of Advisors has provided funds to begin this project. Representatives of business have expressed interest in sponsoring the overall case study series.

The GovCon case study effort will be led by Charlie Dolgas, associate director, who has a successful 20+ year career in attracting and teaching faculty in this technique.


Co-sponsor the Annual Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce GovCon Conference

The theme for the 2017 conference is “Post-Transition Centers of Gravity.” Under the new administration, where will the shifting centers of gravity be in the market over the next two fiscal years.

Additional details on this half-day conference, to be held at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner, will be shared in January.


Tech-to-Exec – March 20-22, 2017

Tom Davies, Executive in Residence and Senior Fellow of the Government Contracting Initiative, is working with Roy Hinton, Associate Dean of Mason Learning Solutions; David Kriegman, the President and CEO of Z2B, LLC; and Archie Tinelli, an Executive Coaching Consultant, to conduct the Spring 2017 version of Tech-to-Exec. This is one of two executive education courses offered by Mason Govcon.

This course is designed for project managers, account managers, and technical/operation leads who want to build and strengthen the client facing skills needed to protect and grow their business.

Course information is available on the website – link here.

Affiliated Faculty Appointments in GovCon

Preliminary discussions have been held with Rich Klimoski, School of Business professor and area chair of management and director of faculty research, on interests of mutual benefit. The Initiative would like to fund and promote research by faculty on GovCon topics. Affiliated Faculty appointments would recognize this work.