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Mason Entrepreneurship Research Conference

Our Mission:

Our conference is open to researchers and practitioners interested in the field of entrepreneurship from any discipline.

To build a community of researchers and practitioners committed to furthering entrepreneurial studies and developing scholarly networks for research.To encourage researchers and practitioners from cross-disciplinary fields to initiate collaborative research projects and explore new trends, opportunities, and challenges in entrepreneurship related fields of study.

Over the years the Mason Entrepreneurship Research Conference (MERC) has become a great sounding board for shaping early stage research ideas as well as a friendly venue to explore practice oriented themes in a collegial and inclusive format.

MERC is presented by Mason's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the School of Business.


Call for Abstracts and/or Completed Manuscripts

Speakers and panels will explore:

  • How connected is the construct of Innovation to the field of Entrepreneurship?
  • The role of Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship and Non-Profit Management
  • Impact of Entrepreneurship Education and the resultant Innovations in Society

Submission Guidelines

Paper Submission Guidelines (Full paper or work in Progress)

  1. Please send your abstract/manuscript to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. The submission deadline for ABSTRACTS and full paper is Sunday, May 6, 2018

What is expected in the abstract submission?

  • If your paper is well-developed: Please provide a one-page abstract that focuses on the research idea, the gap in the existing literature and how you suggest to overcome the gap. Or how you demonstrate the overcoming of the gap. Also provide research implications, if applicable.
  • If your paper is a work in progress: Please provide a one-page abstract that focuses on a working outline of what you plan to do, what theories (if any) you may explore, how you plan to collect data (if applicable).

What about Proceedings?

Your abstract will prepare the audience to work with you. The audience, in a friendly collegial environment, may provide you additional avenues to examine your research question. The abstract submitted by Sunday, May 6, 2018 does not have to be a completed paper by the time of the presentation. That is not the expectation in the this conference instead we hope that your conversation with the audience helps you shape the paper to improve in future. Finally, at the moment there are no plans to publish a proceedings based on the submitted abstracts but your abstract will appear in the conference program.


Conference Registration Process

Please register through Eventbrite website listed at the link provided: merc2018.eventbrite.com

Registration Fees:

  • No charge if registered before May 7th
  • $50.00 (If registered after May 7th - Payment accepted only on site, on the day of the conference)

Registration includes: Coffee Breaks and Lunch (Parking cost not included)


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