George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Accelerated Masters in Accounting

George Mason's Accelerated Masters in Accounting is designed exclusively for current BS in Accounting majors within George Mason's School of Business.

Why might I want to be in the MSAccel program?

I am a high performing, motivated accounting student in George Mason's BS in Accounting program. I can earn both a BS and MS Accounting degree, while working towards the 150 credits needed for the CPA requirements, and become a more valuable prospect to employers.

How does the MSAccel program benefit me?

  • Allows you to jumpstart your graduate education.
  • No GMAT or GRE necessary for admissions.
  • Take 2 graduate courses that apply to both your undergraduate and MSA degree programs.  
  • Build time into your schedule to complete an internship and improve your employment options.
  • Take up to 4 graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates.

What are the applicant requirements for the MSAccel program?

  • Application to the Accelerated Master's in Accounting program should be made once the student has completed at least 75 undergraduate credits (with at least 24 at Mason).
  • Completed at least three Mason Accounting courses at the 300 level or above with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Grades in each accounting course must be B- or higher on the first attempt.  
  • Obtain two letters of recommendation from Mason Accounting faculty members.
  • After admissions and having earned 90 undergraduate credits, accelerated master's students complete 3 to 6 credits of graduate coursework in accounting (with a 3.00 GPA or better in each course) specified by their undergraduate and graduate advisors. These credits will apply to the undergraduate degree and provide the student advanced standing in the Mason accelerated Masters in Accounting program. All graduate course prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment. While still in undergraduate status, a maximum of 6 additional graduate credits may be taken as reserve graduate credit and applied to the master's program.  Reserve graduate credits do not apply to the undergraduate degree.  

How do I apply to the MSAccel program?

  • Download the application
  • Submit and review the application with your academic advisor in the Office of Academic and Career Services (Enterprise Hall, room 008). Application may be submitted in the semester you are completing the requirements.
  • No GMAT or GRE required.
  • Grades in each accounting 300-level course must be "B-" or higher on the first attempt.
  • Obtain two letters of recommendation from Mason Accounting faculty members. 
  • Once the application is approved and signed by your academic advisor, attached the two recommendation letters from Mason Accounting faculty.
  • Bring the completed application package (your signed and completed application form and two letters of recommendation to Nancy Doernhoefer, Graduate Admissions Specialist, in Office 026 on the ground floor of Enterprise Hall.  

If you are interested in applying to the MSAccel and would like to speak with a graduate program admission specialist, please call 703-993-2136.

When do I become a graduate student?

You will submit the Bachelor's/Accelerated Masters Transition Form at the completion and conferral of your undergrad degree in the semester indicated in the application. If you have maintained designated academic standards, then you will be admitted to graduate status.

Accelerated master's students must graduate from their undergraduate program in the semester specified on their application to the accelerated degree program. Changes to the timeline for conferral of the undergraduate degree must receive written approval by the graduate program director. Students are also required to enroll in the Accelerated Master's in Accounting program in the fall or spring semester that immediately follows the term of undergraduate degree conferral. Accelerated Master's in Accounting students may not take any MBA 600 level courses.