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real estate development program students

An Experiential Learning Environment Rich in Real-World Perspective

Rigorous and relevant coursework is a staple of the MS in Real Estate Development program. You have the opportunity to seamlessly connect your studies with the contemporary business environment. Our faculty members incorporate daily opportunities to connect business theory with reality and advocate real-world learning. High-impact activities outside the traditional classroom setting allow you to integrate theory with practice—to advance your leadership and management abilities.

You work in teams on real-world development projects and are exposed to both academic and industry experts. You are exposed to the full range of development functions thanks to our public/private cooperation of faculty and professionals from the real estate development community, who serve as your professors, guest speakers, and mentors.

Inside the classroom, role-playing, simulations, projects, and guest speakers are used to illuminate learning from textbooks, lectures, and discussions. You use your creativity and problem-solving skills to address the kinds of challenges you experience on the job, no matter which specialization or what country your career takes you to.

Learning Goals

  • Knowledge of Functional Disciplines: Our graduates will acquire and demonstrate the capability to apply knowledge from relevant fields in developing an understanding of complex situations.
  • Analytical Decision Making: Our graduates will demonstrate the ability to develop models for understanding cause-and-effect relationships and for predicting the likely outcomes of feasible choices.
  • Understanding  Multiple Perspectives and Interests: Our graduates will demonstrate an understanding of how differences among individuals and groups in values and perspectives will influence reactions to and feasibility of proposals for development.
  • Leading and Managing Complex Projects: Our graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the capabilities necessary for organizing the efforts and coordinating the activities of individuals and firms involved in real estate development.
  • Professional and Ethical Responsibility: Our graduates will possess an understanding of the importance of professional and ethical conduct.