How Graduate Education
Advances Your Career

in Technology Management

Where we find ourselves in the future is heavily defined by choices in education we make today.

As technology continues to evolve at increasing speeds, many are turning to careers in technology management to fill the growing need for highly-skilled individuals, making graduate degrees more desirable and rewarding than ever before.

Career advancement, increased salary, network building opportunities, and more lie in wait for those pursuing graduate degrees. Therefore the matter of which university and program to enroll in is of paramount importance. Certain questions must be answered that can guide students to the program best suited to themselves. Whether entertaining the idea or fully committed to achieving a technology management degree, George Mason University hopes this ebook will assist in making this critical decision that will shape your future.

What You'll Find Inside:

  • An introduction to the field of technology management

  • Benefits of a technology management degree

  • Questions to ask when choosing a university

  • How to choose a program with the right perspective to reach your goals

  • Differentiating aspects of degree programs

How Graduate Education Advances Your Career in Technology Management


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