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High-Caliber Peers & Deep Business Connections

Our community is a realistic reflection of the global workplace—a mosaic of knowledge and experiences that you’ll find stimulating, enlightening, and fun.

Since the start of Mason's Technology Management program in 1998, we've had more than 550 graduates—alumni who are having successful careers as CIOs, corporate and division presidents, entrepreneurs, directors, project and program managers, consultants, and technology specialists. Our alumni are in industries spanning the full range of technology management including IT, cybersecurity, robotics, health IT, and telecom and are contributing and having an impact in business, government, nonprofits, and society overall.

Program MS in Technology Management
Average Age 38
Average Work Experience 15 yrs
Female 26%
Minority (US only) 37%
Hold Security Clearances 32%



Throughout the program’s core curriculum, you take all classes within your cohort, consisting of up to 35 students. The combined career experiences of those within your cohort provide an enriched classroom experience. You immediately form a network of business professionals you can rely on for help within the classroom and in a professional capacity upon graduating.

You also form “learning teams,” smaller groups of students you study and work with on various projects and assignments. Many of the colleagues you meet in these learning teams will end up being your friends for life, your support group—and maybe even your future business partners.