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Faculty shouldn't just theorize, they should execute

Technology Management faculty members are selected from the ranks of School of Business professors who have gained recognition in their respective disciplines and have professional experience in industry and government, coupled with academic training and expertise. They are able to meld theory and practice into an exciting classroom experience for students.

Industry leaders join the regular faculty to teach special classes and seminars and offer their own expertise and counsel. Students consider these faculty members a valuable addition to the academic atmosphere within the program. Technology Management Program students also benefit from dedicated program staff who work closely with them from the initial application process to graduation. Personal service and attention to student needs is a hallmark of this program.

Some of the professors who teach in the George Mason University Technology Management program include:

Sid Das

Sid Das, PhD

Experienced executive trainer and consultant with expertise in modeling for operations planning and control problems and developing technology, innovation, and information systems strategies

Michelle Marks

Michelle Marks, PhD

Experienced executive trainer in the areas of workforce leadership and communications, high performance teams, and team decision making

Kumar Mehta

Kumar Mehta, PhD

Expert in network design, data communications, data warehousing, and business intelligence

Masoud Yasai

Masoud Yasai, PhD

Seasoned corporate strategist with expertise in the adoption of innovation, strategy-structure alignments, and designs for effective environmental scanning systems

Claus Langfred

Claus Langfred, PhD

Expert in autonomy and self-management in teams, team design and performance, and conflict management