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Mason MBA Program Costs

Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., Residents* - $950.00 per credit hour for a full tuition cost of $45,600

Other U.S. Residents and International Students - $1,788.50 per credit hour for a full tuition cost of $85,848


An MBA is an investment in your future. Not sure you'll see a return on investing in an MBA? Find out the true ROI of a Mason MBA.

Mason MBA Fee Structure

  • Non-Refundable Accepted Student Enrollment Fee: $500**
  • Graduate Student Fee: $60**
  • Books: Average $150 per course
  • Airfare to/from country for global residency

To learn about the program costs of our fully online MBA, request more information here

Military Students and Dependents
For domicile and tuition information and policies, please click here.

*Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents should NOT fill out a domicile application. You will be classified as a non-resident of Virginia for domicile and University record purposes. If admitted and enrolled, an adjustment will be made by the School of Business to update your student billing to receive Virginia resident or In-State tuition rates for tuition payment purposes only.

**A one time, non-refundable fee for a new Mason MBA student. The enrollment fee is to reserve your seat for the term to which you applied. It is not credited to your tuition. The accepted student enrollment fee will be waived for a student using VA benefits.

Please note that rates and fees are subject to change. For current tuition rates and student fees, please visit the Student Accounts Office website.