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Mason MBA Program Costs

Virgina, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., Residents - $889.25 per credit hour for a full tuition cost of $42,684*

Other U.S. Residents and International Students - $1,636.50 per credit hour for a full tuition cost of $78,552


An MBA is an investment in your future. Not sure you'll see a return on investing in an MBA? Find out the true ROI of a Mason MBA.

Mason MBA Fee Structure

  • Accepted Student Enrollment Fee: $400**
  • Graduate Student Fee: $60**
  • Education Resource Fee: a mandatory per-semester fee, which is $100 for seven or more credits, or $60 for less than seven credits.
  • Books: Average $150 per course
  • Airfare to/from country for global residency

Military Students and Dependents
For domicile and tuition information and policies, please click here.

**A onetime fee for a new Mason MBA student. The accepted student enrollment fee will be waived for a student using VA benefits.

Please note that rates and fees are subject to change. For current tuition rates and student fees, please visit the Student Accounts Office website.