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The best rate of return is always when you invest in yourself.

While markets rise and fall, the return on investment in yourself has one of the best historical rates of return.

According to a report by AACSB, a MBA degree will provide you with greater income almost immediately after graduating, and compensation will continue to climb through the rest of your career. Over a ten year period, a MBA degree was estimated to increase lifetime earnings by $1.4 million.

George Mason MBA Class of 2017 Career Results

43% secured a new position

43% received a promotion

56% received a raise

A Bloomberg Business Week article that surveyed recent MBA grads found that no one regretted their investment in obtaining their MBA, and all emphasized the advantages of greater compensation along with a measurable increase in overall confidence in their careers.

A 2012 survey reported that both part-time MBA and full-time MBA students reported gains of over 50% to their pre-degree and post-degree salaries.

At George Mason University, our concentration is on providing our MBA students varied, cutting-edge, and unsurpassed opportunities for growth. It's these experiences, along with the George Mason tradition of pushing the educational envelope, that sets Mason apart from other business schools.

Has your career been paying you back for the years you've already invested in it? If not, it may be time to consider a new strategy. If business is your passion, the Mason MBA is the vehicle of opportunity to take you places you've only dreamed about.

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