George Mason UniversitySchool of Business
  1. Q:Can Mason evaluate my transcripts?

    Yes. Mason can conduct the evaluation free of charge. The evaluation cannot be conducted until a complete application portfolio has been submitted. Evaluations can typically be done within four weeks. If you elect to have your evaluation conducted by an outside NACES member organization, it is important to know that applicants are required to produce all original academic credentials from the institution or attested by your embassy, even when the evaluator includes copies made from originals.

  2. Q:Do I have to take an English proficiency exam or can I take an English course instead?

    We require all applicants who received undergraduate degree(s) from outside of the U.S. to submit scores from an English proficiency exam. Scores must be sent directly to Mason from the testing center. 

  3. Q:Do the Mason MBA and MSA programs have full-time programs?

    The majority of MBA students enroll on a part-time basis on the Fairfax or Arlington campus.  If interested in enrolling full-time, please contact an admissions counselor at 703-993-2136 to see if a full-time schedule is possible for you. The MSA program offers full-time cohorts both in the fall semesters. Students take up to 12 credits per semester.

  4. Q:How much does the MBA program cost?

    Visit the Mason MBA tuition page for program costs.

    For updated tuition rates, please visit Mason Student Accounts website. For an estimate of cost of attendance, please visit Mason’s financial aid website.

  5. Q:How will I get my I-20 and visa processed?

    Mason will only process paperwork for visa and I-20’s once an applicant has applied and been admitted into the program. The following documents must be submitted to the admissions office in a timely manner once the applicant has accepted the offer of admission:

    Once these documents have been received by the MBA admissions office, they are submitted to the Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS) who will facilitate I-20 and visa requests. The OIPS website has information about visa’s, I-20’s, and additional helpful resources.

  6. Q:I have or will require an F or J visa. Can I apply for the evening/part time MBA or part time MSA program?

    No. Applicants who will study on an F or J visa are eligible for full-time study only. For additional information, please visit the Office of International Programs and Services website.

  7. Q:I only have one diploma and set of transcripts, can I simply give you photocopies?

    No. Mason policy states that we must see the original documents in order to conduct the credential evaluation and to consider you for admission. See standards for document submission. We will not accept fax or email of photocopies of academic credentials, or documents that have been attested by a notary public.

  8. Q:My embassy or country requires a letter of conditional admission. Can I receive this letter before I have been admitted?

    No. We do not provide letters of conditional admission. Applicants must submit a complete application package and go through the standard admissions process before a decision letter will be provided.

  9. Q:What documents do I need to provide with my application?

    Mason policy requires that applicants who received their undergraduate and graduate degree(s) outside of the United States provide the following documents. For additional information, please click here.

    • Original marksheets in original language
    • Original marksheets in English
    • Original diploma and/or certificate in original language
    • Original diploma and/or certificate in English
    • Evaluation of academic credentials for equivalency to a U.S. four year program

    All credentials must be submitted in both the original language and English. If the university issues official documents in English, an additional English translation is not required.The English translation must be literal (that is, word-for-word).

    For information on qualified translators in your area, please contact the American Translators Association (atanet.org) or another recognized translation service. If your translator is located in your home country they must include evidence of status and qualification to translate into English. Self-translated copies are not acceptable.

    All transcripts and diplomas must be issued by the degree-granting university and the evaluation must be submitted in a sealed envelope directly from the evaluator. All transcripts must be issued by the degree granting university, not from the school or college within the university. We strongly suggest that you request at least two of each document from the university and the translator.