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MBA Program in Washington DC (Arlington)

Once you have graduated, you will need to immerse yourself in the places where opportunities thrive. Attending a prestigious university in an obscure location will not do much to help you make connections, network, and keep your finger on the pulse of leading business trends. A vibrant metro area that hosts a myriad of different organizations and businesses will let you build relationships and seize opportunities to connect to industry leaders.

Located just outside of Washington, D.C., George Mason is embedded in heart of the 4th largest economy in the United States and the nation's most educated workforce. Washington, D.C., is an ideal geographical location for someone interested in a career that focus on economic, political, and global industries and has one of the lowest rates of unemployment among major metropolitan areas.

MBA Program - Washington, D.C.

Located just outside Washington, D.C., Mason's Arlington Campus is a convenient drive or Metro ride away for those living or working in Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia. The Arlington campus is available to students interested in the Professional (evening) MBA program.

MBA Programs in Virginia (Fairfax)

MBA Program - Virginia

One of many MBA programs in Virginia, the Mason MBA's Fairfax Campus serves those living and working throughout Northern Virginia. The Fairfax campus offers the Professional (evening) MBA programs depending on students' needs and can be conveniently accessed by car, bus, or Metro.

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