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A training ground for potential future business owners and an incubator for new product ideas, the Patriot Pollinator Coalition, a social entrepreneurship program in George Mason University School of Business’ Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, offers students real-world, hands-on experience [...]
Kevin Rockmann, professor of management and dean’s scholar at George Mason University School of Business, led this year’s students on their one-week global residency. Rockmann says he incorporates a service project into global residencies to bring students more cultural awareness in addition to [...]
“Our MBA program strives to provide a high-quality, transformative experience for our students at a reasonable cost,” says Paige Wolf, School of Business associate dean of graduate programs. “We are thrilled to have improved so much in the rankings and are proud of this recognition. That said, [...]
As part of their finance honors course, five George Mason University School of Business finance students recently competed in the 2019 CFA Society Washington, DC and CFA Society Baltimore, MD Research Challenge at the City Club in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 15. Students Anaysa Delsid, Bahram Khamnei, [...]
Meggan Ford, assistant dean for undergraduate academic affairs at George Mason University School of Business has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. International Education Administrators grant. Ford will travel to India to study higher education as part of the International Education Administrators Seminar [...]
McGinn and John Hillen, chairman of the Center for Government Contracting’s advisory board recently proposed two options that could prevent future government shutdowns in an essay posted in the Washington Technology. Option one is to allow the government to continue to operate as normal while [...]
This new university program, MPact, is designed to integrate classroom study with a range of community or research settings that drive students to identify a problem, find a solution, and gain new knowledge that results in a positive impact on the world around them. MPact projects require 90 hours of [...]
“We were very disappointed to find many items that looked like they came from a gas station. Our rallying cry came from the discovery that the hamburger patty served to our kids had 26 ingredients, compared to the three ingredients in a fast food hamburger patty,” she says. “We were sad to say [...]
Sothoron will be graduating from George Mason University this spring with a master’s degree in data analytics engineering. This comes after he has already earned an undergraduate degree from Mason’s School of Business with a double major in Accounting and Finance, and a second undergraduate degree [...]