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Stephanie Zimmermann, BS decision science and management information systems ‘93, has long had a personal mission to improve the lives of others near and far. This trait is reinforced through her company’s business and their now prosperous partnership. Zimmermann co-founded Lend A Box with her sister [...]
On January 29, 2020, the School of Business' Office of Career Services held an etiquette dinner aimed at guiding participants through the rules of proper etiquette during formal situations, such as job interviews and networking events. Fifty-three Mason students and alumni attended this year [...]
Faculty Profile: Ioannis Bellos by Adrienne Benson -- Jan 30th 2020
When he first came to George Mason, Bellos was captivated. “When I interviewed at Mason, I noticed how collegial the department is, and I got the sense that I would have an opportunity to contribute to the School’s growth and development and not just be another face in a big crowd.” Not only was [...]
Staff Profiles: Ty-Tanisha Bonds by Adrienne Benson -- Jan 27th 2020
Ty-Tanisha Bonds loves books. She’s a voracious reader, too, but it’s important to note the distinction—she loves books. “I love the texture and the smell of books...I love going to the library. I literally start at “A” and start pulling out books that look interesting. I often take 10 books [...]
Staff Profile: Kevin Ford by Adrienne Benson -- Jan 23rd 2020
Kevin Ford, a senior Human Resources (HR) Specialist in the School of Business, likes the tempo of working in a university. “I like the energy of being around youthful people. It always feels like we're moving at a nice, quick pace. Things are never slow. There's always something new and always something [...]
Faculty Profile: Rob Pierce by Adrienne Benson -- Jan 21st 2020
It is no secret that George Mason University is a diverse place, one peopled by students, faculty, and staff from all over the world. Mason has many international perspectives, and Rob Pierce, though from Northern Virginia, embodies internationalism and global perspectives. He is a professor in the [...]
Lofgren is a researcher and podcaster specializing in government acquisition of major systems. He manages the daily blog Acquisition Talk and produces a podcast with the same name where he speaks with leading experts in the field. Before joining the Center for Government Contracting, Lofgren was the [...]
The George Mason University School of Business, both online and in-person, is a living and dynamic community—much more than a number on a list or a set of criteria met. It is the sum of a plethora of parts. With that understood, rankings still matter in the world of education, and the School of Business [...]
Faculty Profile: Brad Greenwood by Adrienne Benson -- Jan 15th 2020
Brad Greenwood’s research examines the intended and unintended consequences of innovation. “In the past 25 years the Internet has afforded us a dramatic increase in connectivity.” Greenwood says. “My work tries to pivot on that a little bit. We are producing information at an unprecedented level [...]
The conventional wisdom says NFL teams facing second-and-short yardage situations during a game should take a chance on a big play. But an evaluation of play calling from 2013 to 2018 by Associate Professor of Finance Derek Horstmeyer shows teams in those situations actually play more conservatively [...]