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First Generation College Graduate Says Mason was His ‘Best Decision’

Written by Katherine Johnson on .

Marvin GibsonAfter earning his associate’s degree and working for several years, Marvin Gibson decided it was time to earn his bachelor’s degree.

”I was doing corporate sales for a company that sold luxury box seats for sports teams. I was working 80 hours a week, and it was draining to say the least,” Gibson, a management major, said.

“I feel like going back to college was the best decision of my life. I come from a family of no college graduates.”

Gibson said he excelled in his classes because he waited to pursue his bachelor’s degree, and was awarded the GOV Services INC. Scholarship.

“I’m more grateful to be here. It’s just a different experience when you go back. You take it for granted when you’re younger,” he said.

Gibson, who worked part-time to help pay his tuition, added that the scholarship helped him get through his last semester. “This university has been great to me,” he said.

He’s also grateful for helpful faculty, like Victoria Grady, assistant professor of management.

Gibson said he could go to Grady for career and life advice and has taken three courses with her during his two years at Mason. “She wants you to fully understand the concepts and apply it to real life. I appreciate that,” he said.

Gibson, a December graduate, wants to work as a business analyst or consultant for a government contractor. Eventually, he would like to start his own business.

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