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Triple Major Ready to Take on D.C. Workforce

Written by Katherine Johnson on .

SothoronAlexei Sothoron came to Mason on a mission. A Northern Virginia Community College transfer, he strategically decided to tackle a triple major to be a highly marketable job applicant upon graduation.

After being exposed to accounting in high school business courses, Sothoron knew that would be one of his majors.

“I just got it. It made sense to me,” he said.

In addition to accounting, he is also majoring in finance and information systems and operations management. He describes his education as versatile, offering him several perspectives on business that he can leverage across industries.

A Woodbridge native, Sothoron had his future in mind when deciding to transfer to Mason. “As a Virginia resident seeking in-state tuition, Mason was one of the closest options to the D.C. metro area. I wanted to be close to this location in order to find internships with relative ease and be able to interview in person instead of over the phone or online,” he said.

After his first year at Mason, he secured a tax internship with Guest Services Inc., which provides retail management for cafeterias. He said the internship was a great stepping-stone—one that he was able to leverage into another internship.

“I was able to take the experience and market myself to Ernst & Young, PwC, and KPMG,” he said. This summer he will complete an auditing internship with Big Four Accounting firm Ernst & Young in its assurance practice.

Because of his triple major, Sothoron is on a five-year plan and will graduate in May 2018. After graduation, he plans to continue pushing himself to excel.

“I’d like to get as far in the Big Four [Accounting firms] as I can. I also like the idea of potentially opening a tech startup because I’m surrounded by friends who are engineers and I feel like with my background now, I’m able to think strategically in terms of financing and building a business,” he said.

Sothoron praises School of Business faculty for not just teaching out of textbooks but bringing their professional experiences into the classroom. Many faculty are active in the workforce and offer what Sothoron calls the “best of both worlds” by “relatable stories and relevant information” from their professional careers.

“Mason is an ever-growing institution located in the most important place in the world. Students at Mason are a metro ride away from a slew of employers and opportunities, which will allow them to build their resumes during college,” said Sothoron. And that is just what he is doing.