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Alumni Chapter President-Elect Enthused about School of Business Momentum

Written by Katherine Johnson on .

BeckyBecky Anderson, an alumna from nearby Oakton, VA, has personally witnessed Mason’s evolution from a local commuter school to an internationally recognized university.

As a local, Anderson was hesitant to attend Mason but “fell in love” with the campus after being recruited to play softball and later touring the campus.

“I wanted to attend a school that was strong academically but that also had a softball program that I could impact from the beginning. That’s really what drew me. It was close to home, but still felt far enough away where I could do my own thing and be on campus,” she said.

Anderson was influenced to major in accounting by her dad and aunt, who both work in the field. After taking her first classes in the major, she realized it was a good fit for her future in business.

“Accounting is one field that is always hiring. Everyone needs an accountant, and I knew there were different areas I could branch into, such as internal audit,” she said.

After graduating in 2010, Anderson knew she wanted to remain connected to Mason and the School of Business, especially as a young professional still working in the area. She decided to become involved with the School of Business Alumni Chapter and has served in several roles on the Board of Directors, including director-at-large, treasurer, and chair of the program & events committee.

The “next logical step,” she said was running for president of the chapter.

“I see very exciting things coming, and I’ve witnessed an increase of involvement within the past few years. I want to be part of it,” she said of her involvement with the School of Business Alumni Chapter.

“We all have the same vision and it’s much easier to continue on the path of my predecessors when we’re all working together.”

As president-elect, Anderson’s main focus will be on alumni involvement and engagement, and encouraging fellow alumni to attend alumni events.

“We’re here, we’re proud, and we want to keep building on that momentum and get as many people involved with the School of Business as possible,” she said. “I want to bring that fun energy to get people excited about what’s going on.”