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New Collaboration Connects Students with Global Opportunities

Written by Jennifer Anzaldi on .

EFMDThe School of Business Office of Career Services has collaborated with EFMD Global Network and is now offering students access to an international network of internships, trainee positions, graduate positions and full-time job placements.

Offered only to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Business, students can now create their very own career platform called HigherEd, which will connect them with opportunities with EFMD corporate partners. HigherEd was designed to help support international student placements.

Kerry Willigan, director of career services at the School of Business said, “This network gives students an additional resource when looking for international opportunities.” Willigan said it will benefit those looking for both internships or more permanent positions abroad.

The School of Business is also committed to international study. In addition to offering internship opportunities, the School of Business has an intensive global residency program for graduate students exploring first-hand the role of management in the complex global economy, and examining the risks and opportunities inherent in global commerce. Additional study abroad opportunities for undergraduate students include honors programs, summer programs, direct exchange programs and short-term study tours.

EFMD is the largest International network association in the field of management development. The EFMD network includes over 800 institutional members and reaches over 16,000 management development professionals from academia, business, public service and consultancy across 82 countries worldwide. EFMD and EFMD Global Network play a central role in shaping an international approach to management education and is a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management development.

The School of Business is a member of EFMD.