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It’s All About the Balance: Management Professor Speaks to Microsoft Women’s Group

Written by Jennifer Anzaldi on .

Victoria M. GradyGrady Microsoft, assistant professor of management and director of the MBA and MS in Management graduate programs at George Mason University School of Business, recently presented at the 2018 Annual Microsoft Women's Conference at the Microsoft Headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

This year’s theme was #I'mAllIn, exploring the challenges women face in balancing work, family, professional development, volunteer work, and how to encourage more women in technology. More than 150 attendees participated in the day’s events that included a strong focus on balance.

Grady says, "I am honored to have been invited as the closing presenter for the Microsoft Women's Conference. I was in awe of the vision for women that filled the room."

Grady’s presentation titled, "I'm All In...Now How Do I Follow Through?" focused on the aspects of behavioral change that support balance. In her presentation, Grady discussed the concept of organizational change in general and how to define a custom strategy based on unique employees.

“We should be looking inside the box rather than outside the box,” Grady says, “There is so much focus and people always telling us to look outside the box for solutions and sometimes the solution is ‘right under your nose’ --- inside the box.”

In addition, Grady addressed the role of perception and bias in behavioral change and the difference in managing change and leading change.

“It was a great conference and they did an awesome job of highlighting women in technology,” says Grady. “Being ALL IN to anything is a challenge that requires balance. The foundation has been laid for these women who attended the event. Now we [women] need to embrace the change that comes with putting great ideas into actionable results.”