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From France to Mason: Motivated Marketing Major Inspires Interns

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Ava NiaAva Nia is a dedicated international student studying marketing. Originally from France, Nia knew she wanted to study at George Mason University and gain professional experience during her undergraduate career. She speaks English, French, Farsi, and Spanish. Nia has been described by her peers and employer as: driven, creative, and result-oriented.

“I’m here to live the American dream. Thanks to the School of Business, I’m starting my career in marketing. I’ve been able to build my reputation and network here.” Nia currently interns with SAP Concur, an American SaaS (Software as a Service) company, as their project management and product marketing intern.

Prior to interning with SAP Concur, Nia was a digital marketing and analytics intern with PSA Finance France, the second largest automobile manufacturer in France. There she worked with the director of marketing and innovation. Nia worked and researched with the data management team and helped strengthen the company website to ultimately retain current customers, while inviting prospective customers.

At SAP Concur, she works in the public sector by coordinating projects dealing with higher education, government contracting, federal government and state and local industries. Nia has created marketing content with brochures and social media posts to connect clients with a targeted audience.

Nia said, “Interns don’t always know they have the skills, power and knowledge from class to put into their work.”

Nia has taken on major projects, such as developing customer relationships with new audiences for SAP Concur by analyzing customer behavior and diligently researching third party media outlets to advertise products. Nia works closely with the senior staff at SAP Concur and has felt welcomed since she entered the position.

She has created a social media plan about two different industries SAP Concur caters to and presented the strategic plan to corporate to have further exposure to new markets. “It’s important to listen and to engage with quality content and information,” Nia said, adding she is unafraid to learn the concepts and culture at SAP Concur to be successful.

She credits her credible work ethic from being organized and accepting new opportunities. The School of Business coursework also readily prepared her. “Principles in Marketing was really enriching for me because it extended my knowledge about what type of marketing I really want to pursue. The group projects really helped me work on my emotional intelligence and applying group working skills at my internship.”

Recently, she has dedicated time as the marketing and communications strategist member for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at Mason. ASME is a STEM based student organization, which seeks to promote involvement amongst mechanical engineering students, with a multidisciplinary approach. Nia seeks opportunities to help find effective marketing methods for ASME and has gained valuable insight from the Volgenau School of Engineering.

Nia plans to work in marketing after graduation in spring 2019. She advises fellow School of Business interns to “do everything with passion, speak up, and show your enthusiasm.”