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A Road Map for the Future of Healthcare

Written by Katherine Johnson Dias on .

MoeckelFranziska Moeckel, BS Marketing ’07, came to the U.S. as an international student from Germany. Moeckel says, “What drew me here was the Mason spirit – the accessibility to top notch business school professors with industry experience, the growing impact of its students on the regional economy, and its diversity.”

As the assistant vice president of Personalized Health at Inova Health System, Moeckel is the co-creator of MediMap® – Inova’s innovative pharmacogenomic testing program. She oversees the strategy development for genomic test integrations and is determining how to bridge current gaps and create a healthcare system of the future.

MediMap launched in January 2016 and has since been adopted by more than 14,000 individuals. The testing program combines pharmacology (the study of medications) and genomics (the study of people’s genes) to help determine how people respond differently to medications based on their DNA.

The goal of MediMap is simple—to help people live longer, healthier lives. “I see this as being part of every individual’s medical record in the not too distant future,” says Moeckel. “It allows people to have information at their fingertips, to use when it’s most impactful.”

Moeckel was recently recognized as an Exemplar for the university at the Golden Anniversary Celebration and as the 2018 Distinguished Alumna of the Year for School of Business. She says, “Mason is where I was constantly challenged to push the boundaries and where I learned a lot about my abilities.”