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Staff Profile: Kevin Ford

Written by Adrienne Benson on .

Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford, a senior Human Resources (HR) Specialist in the School of Business, likes the tempo of working in a university. “I like the energy of being around youthful people. It always feels like we're moving at a nice, quick pace. Things are never slow. There's always something new and always something that needs to be done. You can’t get bored. There's always the opportunity to grow—both as an individual staff member and as a school.” HR, it seems, is a field that requires people who are both energetic and detail orientated. Ford is also a people person, and part of what drew him into the world of HR was the prospect of interacting with colleagues in every stage of their career. “I help with everything from our promotion and tenure processes to our annual award ceremony.” He likes the fact that every day is different from the one before. “My day-to-day involves ensuring our employees, including students, are taken care of, but there’s always a new opportunity presenting itself.”

Ford majored in Public Policy and Administration at James Madison University and graduated in 2010. He’s essentially been at Mason ever since, and now is pursuing a Master’s degree through the SCHAR School of Policy and Government as well. He plans to stay in the field of HR and at Mason for the foreseeable future. “There’s work to be done in HR here in terms of refining our processes and making them as customer friendly as we can.” He also appreciates the culture—not just the fact that he works around the youthful energy of students, but also the fact that Mason is dynamic; always forward-focused and growing. “When it comes to the employees and students,” Ford says, “there are so many opportunities both at Mason and in the area that the people are hungry in just the right way. Not cut-throat, but excited for all the possibilities.”