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Staff Profiles: Ty-Tanisha Bonds

Written by Adrienne Benson on .

Ty-Tanisha Bonds

Ty-Tanisha Bonds loves books. She’s a voracious reader, too, but it’s important to note the distinction—she loves books. “I love the texture and the smell of books...I love going to the library. I literally start at “A” and start pulling out books that look interesting. I often take 10 books a week. Bonds admits that she did finally switch to reading on a device—but only because it means she can take more books with her when she goes on vacation.

Originally from Du Quoin, a small town in Southern Illinois. Bond moved to Northern Virginia five years ago. She’s been the Administrative Associate in the Foundations Area for just over a year. “The diversity here at Mason is wonderful,” she says. My sister is employed at Mason too, and I knew that it fostered an atmosphere of togetherness.” She took special note of the School of Business mission statement, which, she notes, “is a mirror of Mason itself.”

Bonds is a self-described people person, which is one of the things that drew her to Mason. Previously, she worked as a unit secretary and front desk coordinator for Birmingham Green—a long-term care facility and Patient First—an urgent care facility. “I loved getting to interact with the people there, but they were elderly or ill. Being at Mason allows me to work with people at a completely different stage in their lives.” A diverse community of students pursuing higher education is a perfect fit for a reader like Bonds, whose father is both educator and has “has books, books, books.” And about those books...Bonds makes it clear that while she loves the convenience of having multiple books on a device, “I still prefer books for the feel and the smell.”