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Area Scholar Award Motivates Students to Excel

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The Area Scholar Award was established to recognize one student in each of the five areas—accounting, finance, information systems and operations management, marketing, and management—of the School of Business who embodies the values and attributes associated with excellence based on his or her performance in the most recent semester.

Recipients receive a $2,000 scholarship and recognition among faculty and their peers.

classroom"We hope that the Area Scholar Awards serve not only as an honor for student recipients but also as motivation for all of our students to excel this semester," says Karen Kitching, an assistant accounting professor who helped organize the awards. "These awards honor students' performances in the previous semester not over their entire academic career. As such, all of our students have the opportunity to earn this accolade."

This semester's recipients include a selection of students whose exemplary contributions extend beyond achieving high marks.

Adina Rubinstein has maintained a perfect scores while majoring in accounting. She is accorded uniform praise by her instructors regarding her enthusiasm for accounting, participation in the classroom, and her overall professionalism and academic performance.

According to her finance professors, the quality of Viktoryia Mikhalchanka's academic work is unparalleled. One professor noted that in his 20 years of teaching, no student until Viktoryia, had ever posted a perfect score on both the midterm and final exam, and her grade point average indicates that she consistently demonstrates this level of excellence.

Faculty consider Elisabeth Flores an exemplary representative of the information systems and operation management undergraduate student body. In addition to her strong intellectual ability and robust analytical skills, she is an active and an informed participant in class and integrates the material covered in the lectures with current business events in ways that enhances the effectiveness of class discussions.

Management faculty praise Austin Butler for his unprecedented efforts to build community and show leadership in the classroom through the selfless and giving behavior he displays toward his classmates. He performed at the highest level, attended every class, and contributed to the vibrancy of class discussion through active and informed participation.

Marketing major Cortnie Britt is praised for her efforts inside and outside the classroom. She was a major contributor during classes and took an active role in the American Marketing Association Student Chapter activities, especially in developing outreach materials and fundraising coordination. She brings a high level of enthusiasm, attitude, and good humor to all activities and interactions.

Faculty chose recipients based on a number of factors including academic performance, student leadership, and contributions to learning environment. Area Scholar Award recipients are named semi-annual, honoring students performances for the fall and spring semesters.