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Alumni Celebration Speaker: Most Interesting Man in the World?

By all accounts, Mario Cardullo could be a candidate for the Most Interesting Man in the World title. If nothing else, he will certainly be the most interesting speaker at the 2013 Business Alumni Celebration.

some people define themselves by their careers, by the industry they work in or their particular specialization. Cardullo has defined himself by curiosity and a passion for problem solving. He is an experienced engineering and management professional, a prolific inventor and entrepreneur, a teacher, an author, a student, a restaurateur and cook, a rocket scientist, a savior.

He launched a $10 billion a year industry, started a restaurant based on the invention of a machine for cooking pasta in under a minute, became a rocket scientist in the 1950s and helped develop the lunar lander, and had his own television cooking show and school.

cardulloCardullo's best-known invention is the RFID-TAG, the radio-frequency identification transponder developed in 1969 as an electronic license plate or EZ-PASS and today is ubiquitous, used to track everything from electronics and books to baggage and live ants; it's a $10 billion a year business. He has founded nine companies and currently serves as Chairman and CEO of CIG, Ltd., a company building prototypes and promoting his 12 new patents; in April he was awarded a patent for a plastic light bulb that uses less energy than an LED.

Also a renowned technology author, Cardullo has published 180 papers, books and articles in the fields of management of technology (MOT), technology entrepreneurism, energy, and systems engineering. One of the papers he's written or co-written detailed the use of mobile communications with satellites for saving people at sea; to date, it's saved some 80,000 people.

Cardullo has been a college professor, with 30 years of experience teaching all over the world including Virginia Tech, George Washington University, University of Maryland, University of Texas, and the Economic Strategy Institute in the U.S.; Polytechnic Institute of Dubai, UAE; Oxford, Hull, and Bath Universities in the UK; and Renmin University in Beijing and Peking University in China.

Cardullo's curiosity has also propelled him in the pursuit of education. He holds BME, MME, MEA and PhD degrees in engineering and has done considerable advanced studies at Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Steven's Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ), and MIT. He earned his PhD in information technology from George Mason University in May 2013 and his dissertation has been called "groundbreaking."

On October 4, Cardullo will serve as the keynote speaker at George Mason's 2013 Business Alumni Celebration during Alumni Weekend. Buy your tickets today to rub arms with a modern day renaissance man.

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