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The New School of Business: Mason’s School of Management Changes Name

Written by Jennifer Kleiner on .

George Mason University's School of Management will become the School of Business as of July 15, 2014. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), the Commonwealth's governing body for higher education policy, approved the change early June.

Provost Peter Stearns made the announcement to the university saying, "The school has been re-named to reflect the departments and degree programs in the school and to align the school with common nomenclature used by external constituents."

Many dedicated alumni, faculty and staff championed for the change as a way to emphasize the school's dedication to and expertise in all areas of business and management.

"I am grateful for the overwhelming support of the community, our industry advisory boards, faculty, staff, students and alumni—all of whom have shared their excitement about the name change to the School of Business," says Sarah E. Nutter, dean of the School of Business. "They point to the increased visibility, clarity, and consistency with our mission to educate, engage, and connect our students to employers and the community that we serve."

The road to becoming the School of Business has had its twists and turns over the past thirty-seven years. It became an official entity of George Mason University on July 1, 1977, first dubbed as the Department of Business Administration in the School of Continuing Studies. Later it became the School of Business Administration, and then in 1998 the name was changed to the School of Management.

In the past three decades, the highly-ranked business school has grown tremendously not only in the number of students it serves but also in the number of faculty and staff that serve them and the number of programs offered. The School of Business now has more than 3,500 students in five undergraduate programs and seven graduate programs. With more than 25,000 alumni since its inception, the School of Business continues to grow quickly, this year graduating nearly 1,000 students, more than 200 graduate students and nearly 800 undergraduate students.

To learn more about the School of Business at George Mason University visit business.gmu.edu.