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When Managing Change, the Mission is the Best Message by Damian Cristodero -- Feb 22nd 2017
Grady’s research into more than 100 federal agencies was sponsored by and done in conjunction with Booz Allen Hamilton, of McLean, Va., a provider to the federal government of management and technology consulting services. Patrick McCreesh, a senior associate at the company and part of the research [...]
Changing How Hospitals Think about Budgeting can Save Money by Katherine Johnson -- Feb 20th 2017
Nirup Menon, associate professor of information systems and operations management, has always been interested in researching health IT and the value it brings to hospitals. In his most recent research though, Menon stepped out of his specialty to apply a concept from accounting information systems to [...]
Management Senior Launches Peer-to-Peer Shipping Company by Katherine Johnson -- Feb 13th 2017
Because of his personal experience with high shipping costs, Rahman decided to create Airposted, his own peer-to-peer shipping service. The goal is to help buyers get access to products that aren’t available where they live or receive products at a lower price and help travelers earn extra money while [...]
When Max Gocala meets with prospective students and their families, he wants to make them feel welcomed, impressed, and enthused with a Mason education. As the undergraduate recruitment and outreach coordinator, Gocala recognized he’s limited in what he could offer from an actual student’s perspective [...]
Kelly wasn't affected by this until she was a junior in high school and learned she couldn't get an ID, license, job, or apply to just any university. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) policy allowed her to spend two years at Northern Virginia Community College before transferring to [...]
Super Bowl Commercials May Not Pay Off for Companies by Katherine Johnson -- Jan 30th 2017
The Super Bowl is the sporting event of the year, drawing expansive viewership and media attention each year from the game itself to the halftime performance and the commercials. Companies pounce upon the opportunity to display their most creative and entertaining ads in the homes of hundreds of millions [...]
The award was bestowed on Hillen, a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran, for his meritorious service over the past nine years as a member of the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel. As a personal advisor to four Chiefs of Naval Operations, Hillen provided expert peer level advice on essential Naval [...]
After spending nearly 10 years working in cyber security for the federal government, Greg (Robert) Duhart Jr. was looking to convert his in-depth technical experience into managerial expertise. Mason’s MS in Technology Management program “served as outstanding preparation” for his career transition [...]
With the help of the GMU TV station, she settled on TED Talks, in which students would further expand upon managerial concepts based on interviews they had with real managers. The class of 72 was split into teams of four, with seven to 10 minutes for their talk. Topics ranged from employee loss, work [...]
U.S. News Gives Mason Online Programs High Marks by Damian Cristodero -- Jan 10th 2017