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As a customer liaison, she helps them to understand the challenges they face and explains to them what they need to keep their information safe from hackers or data loss. Her company's clients include fortune 500 companies and government agencies such as Hyatt, Sony, and the National Institute of Standards [...]
Super Student Named to Bloomberg “Hall of Fame” by Jennifer Anzaldi -- May 19th 2014
For School of Business accounting and finance major Inderbir Bal, April 21 was the pinnacle of his academic journey. Not only was he notified that he placed in the top five of 2,200 test takers in the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) in the Americas region in March, but he also was notified that he won [...]
2014 Outstanding in Major Students Named by Jennifer Anzaldi -- May 14th 2014
Aziz is a dual major in finance and accounting, having earned only A's and A+'s in both majors. She served as president of the Mason chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, a national accounting honor society. In 2012, Aziz was awarded the "Emerging Business Leader" award by the school's alumni association, a prestigious [...]
Senior of the Year Receives Raves from Professors by Preston Williams -- May 14th 2014
George Mason University finance major and volleyball player David Lucas, the 2014 Senior of the Year, has been so busy the past four years studying, competing, interning and serving as a teaching assistant in the School of Business that he has not taken full account of the impact he has made on the [...]
Accounting Student Secures Competitive KPMG Internship by Jennifer Kleiner -- May 12th 2014
Participants receive financial and professional support through mentoring relationships with FDL faculty advisors and KPMG professionals. The opportunities are immense for program participants, as students who successfully complete their internships while maintaining their high academic achievement [...]
Faculty Honored with Several University Awards by Jennifer Kleiner -- May 7th 2014
Each year, the Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence presents Teaching Excellence Awards as both institutional recognition and a monetary acknowledgement of the significant work that faculty members devote to course planning and preparation; curriculum development; and innovative teaching, advising [...]
Yon is currently participating in the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, which brings mid-career professionals from designated countries to the United States for a year of non-degree, graduate-level study, leadership development and professional collaboration with U.S. counterparts. The Pennsylvania [...]
At the School of Business, students who represent these ideals have the opportunity to apply to become a Gunston Business Scholar. The school describes these students as those who continuously demonstrate respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others; act with integrity in dealing with [...]
The Good and Bad of Workplace Diversity by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Apr 23rd 2014
Earlier this year, the New York Times featured Michael Gregoire, chief executive of CA Technologies, who touched upon missed opportunities due to a failure to capitalize on diversity. In the article, Gregoire said about his team, "They were all people who kind of looked and acted and thought like I [...]
"Mason is a hidden gem when it comes to developing and delivering innovation and entrepreneurship to students," Joshi says. "This grant adds to many programs that are already conducted that boost the entrepreneurial spirit of our students and community at large. This grant will help Mason become the [...]