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Alumna of the Year Gives Back in a Big Way by Cathy Cruise -- Nov 11th 2013
Even while the feminist movement gained momentum during the 1970s, many areas of the business world remained largely off limits to women. Finding a job at that time—one that broke away from more traditional "female" occupations—proved challenging for one George Mason University graduate. She would [...]
George Mason University's School of Business and Volgenau School of Engineering recently were awarded a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) core competencies and then apply the results to establish learning objectives and curricula [...]
Executive education consists of intensive academic programs designed for business leaders to enhance specific skills or address specific organizational challenges without the long-term commitment of a degree program. Custom programs are growing in popularity as academic institutions partner up with [...]
The Dark Side of Customer Prioritization Programs by Rosa Vivanco -- Oct 18th 2013
Given their beneficial effects, business-to-business firms (e.g., government contractors) and business-to-consumer firms (e.g., airlines) use prioritization as a way of ensuring that their "top tier" customers receive incremental benefits and special treatment in return for their loyalty to the firm [...]
New Mason Innovation Lab Set to Open Jan 2014 by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Oct 14th 2013
We've all heard the stories about top innovative leaders brainstorming by building with blocks or playing games in recreation areas to promote innovative ideas. And now, George Mason School of Business is looking to bring some of that "playing" to Mason. In an effort to continue its commitment to innovation [...]
The Outstanding Supervisor Award, sponsored by the Mason Staff Senate, strives to acknowledge those supervisors who shine above all others. This year, School of Business' Jean-Pierre (J.P.) Auffret, director of executive programs was one of only 2 recipients of the award, selected from a pool of 18 [...]
The Emerging Business Leader Awards honor one graduate and one undergraduate student who have demonstrated the desire and aptitude to become an outstanding business leader and a distinguished representative of Mason's School of Business. This year's winners were Seth Whetzel and Javier Perez Navarrete [...]
Taking the Classroom to Beijing by Rosa Vivanco -- Sep 30th 2013
A group of eight School of Business students got the opportunity to see the world's second largest economy firsthand. They participated in the pilot section of the SOM 498 Capstone course offered in Beijing, China this past summer. Management professor, Yan Ling, taught the two and a half week course [...]
According to recent government data, nearly one third of South Koreans will be aged 65 or older by 2040. An increase in a country's elderly population can have serious implications especially if there is a decrease in the birthrate, as is the case in South Korea. This situation results in a shortage [...]
How Are Your Donations Spent? by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Sep 16th 2013
Often it is encouraged that donors ask charities what percentage of every dollar spent will be used for overhead and what percentage is actually used on the cause. But how many of us ask when our donation will be spent? Would it make a difference in your giving behavior if an organization that fights [...]