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This was the first time Mason competed in the DMAW/EF Collegiate MAXI competition, which is held in both the spring and fall. ““The concepts we have learned in our classes helped us shape our strategy, and without the knowledge from our classes and the skills to apply, it there's no way we would [...]
A Business Student Ambassador and president of the Mason Accounting Society, Strano also works part-time as an all-star cheer coach at Phoenix Elite and at LPL Financial. She is responsible for daily administrative tasks, constant communication, and updating and creating social media posts. Over school [...]
• Long Chen, Associate Professor, Accounting• Cheryl Druehl, Associate Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management• Anant Mishra, Associate Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management• Kevin Rockmann, Associate Professor, Management• Pallab Sanyal, Associate Professor [...]
School of Business management major Yukiko Matsuo Dove was honored as one of Prince William Living Magazine's Most Influential Women of 2017. Founder of PWC Autism, a support group for parents of children with autism, Dove credits Mason with giving her the skills and experience to build her organization [...]
The marketing senior is a personal tutor, member of the Persian Club, Iranian Students Union, and Business Student Ambassadors, and treasurer for Bhakti Yoga and Vegetarian Club. As a member of the Business Student Ambassadors, Kandahari wants to share her passion for Mason with prospective students [...]
Four School of Business Student-Athletes Honored by Katherine Johnson -- Mar 22nd 2017
School of Business students recognized include Giuliano Buzoianu, a junior majoring in accounting and member of the men’s tennis team, Michael Brock Kovach, a junior finance major on the men’s golf team, Shannon Simpson, a sophomore management major on the Masonette dance team, and Brook Lorber, [...]
Culture Transcends Geography at Mason by Katherine Johnson -- Mar 21st 2017
“I was talking to her and trying to get an idea of what I wanted to do. I was thinking about going into business, but she said that accounting was a good foundation because you get a lot of the fundamentals of how a business functions. There’s a lot you can do with accounting, even if you don’ [...]
Mason’s Part-time MBA Surges in Rankings to #53 by Katherine Johnson -- Mar 9th 2017
“This ranking is one indicator of our commitment to providing students a high value, accessible, convenient, and transformative learning experience to promote our students’ career success,” said Paige Wolf, senior assistant dean of graduate programs. “At the School of Business, we strive to [...]
“The art world is very competitive,” says Reining. “I decided to go back for my master’s degree because I wanted to learn how I could apply business to the art world. I started to develop the idea in my head that I wanted to run my own art gallery, and I thought it would be best to obtain more [...]
Can Voicing Opinions at Work Hurt Your Career? by Katherine Johnson -- Mar 6th 2017
He explained that loyal professionals strongly identify with their profession. This prompts employees to speak up about the things they care about the most in regards to their profession. Rockmann and coauthors looked at three professions in their study, nurses, HR professionals, and real estate professionals [...]