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Originally an art major, the Honors College student switched her major to marketing and then added a second major in finance. “I went to marketing because I felt like it has more of a business aspect but still allowed me to be really creative. I took my required finance course, fell in love with it [...]
“A competitive business school that has impact must reach across disciplines to solve bigger and broader problems,” Peiperl said. “To augment Mason’s excellent undergraduate and growing graduate programs, we need to connect better with working professionals. We need to think on a global level [...]
Students who registered for the “Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector” course this spring were ready for a challenge. For many, it would be their first time working with a client and presenting marketing solutions. All of the students had to present solutions to overcome the challenges that their client [...]
Each day George Mason University School of Business faculty make a difference in the lives of their students—sharing their knowledge and expertise, helping students hone their skills for success, and mentoring those in need. Recently, one professor took his dedication to his students a step further [...]
Mason Spirits: BadWolf, Good Beer by Katherine Johnson -- May 18th 2017
Not really. But they do walk into their own brewery, winery, or distillery nearly every day, and their success is no joke. Not far from where they once crammed for exams, these entrepreneurs each fashion and distribute a distinctive line of beverages—beer, wine, or spirits—throughout Northern Virginia [...]
George Mason University hosted a select group of legal scholars and real estate practitioners at the first Legal Colloquium on Regulatory Issues in Contemporary Land Law. The colloquium offered a unique forum for collaboration and discussion on the impacts of law and regulation on land use, real estate [...]
Accounting Student Inspired to Help Small Businesses by Katherine Johnson -- May 16th 2017
“I chose Mason because I came from a really small, conservative town, and I wanted to come up and experience a different way of thinking. When I toured Mason, I fell in love with the diversity of the campus, and how it’s a tight, close knit campus feel close to D.C.,” said Jessica Ross, a sophomore [...]
Uber and Lyft Are Changing How We Think About Work by Katherine Johnson -- May 12th 2017
Kevin Rockmann, associate professor of management at George Mason University, and co-author Gary Ballinger, University of Virginia, studied loyalty among professional on-demand workers. Their research, featured in the Journal of Applied Psychology, is one of the first published studies of on-demand [...]
Current Mason students as well as recent alumni are eligible to compete in three categories: traditional, mobile game, and social impact. This year’s competition attracted a record 47 entries, with finalists delivering a four-minute pitch for their idea in front of an audience of about one hundred [...]
Exploring the Push and Pull of Two Emotional Cultures by Damian Cristodero -- May 9th 2017
O’Neill, an associate professor of management in the School of Business and a senior scientist at George Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, knows what she’s talking about, having for years researched emotional cultures in various organizations and industries for more than 10 years [...]