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Shuffling May Be Best Cybersecurity Defense by Mary Crowson -- Mar 22nd 2016
Denial-of-service attacks, which work by overwhelming a target system thereby forcing it to shut down and deny service to legitimate users, are increasing in severity as assault methods become more sophisticated and attackers’ goals more sinister. These types of attacks hit a record high in 2015 increasing [...]
“The states that are examining these ventures from a regulatory standpoint have a legitimate interest in protecting their citizens,” Esherick said. “But I’m guessing they are just as interested in the potential revenue for their budgets if fantasy sports businesses have to pay a gambling fee [...]
“Much like the U.S., our government values accessibility,” says Jyan. “We share our data with the public, allowing others to gather information critical to their interests. Our country encourages open lines of communication between government and citizens; we want people to be actively engaged [...]
On February 25, 2016, School of Business students Reid Foster, Chun (Justin) Lau, Anh Viet Duy (Tom) Nguyen, and Juwariah Shareef presented their “hold” recommendation for Virginia owned Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE) in front of a panel of judges and others as finalists in this year’s CFA Virginia [...]
Keskincelik wasn’t looking for an internship when she and seven other accounting honors students visited the SEC with School of Business accounting professor Karen Kitching in late September. But the energy in the office and, as Keskincelik said, “the opportunity to learn there firsthand,” inspired [...]
“I’ve been working in higher education for 15 years, and what I was seeing with student loans was destroying a lot of higher education,” Smeby said. “In society, there are a lot of issues with economic disparity. Part of solving that is making sure higher education is accessible to everyone [...]
An early arrival to the Provost’s Multidisciplinary Security Symposium, the first step in the Provost’s $500,000 competition, allowed Nirup Menon, associate professor of information systems and operations management, to claim prime real estate outside of the meeting room’s main door to display [...]
At Mason, Abou Ghazaleh said, “I’ve learned about the laws here, the zoning ordinances. It does not directly apply (to Syria), but maybe 50 percent of Syria is destroyed, so if I’m going to go back and do things, you need to do it right. When you have this background of how they set rules and [...]
“The MS in Technology Management program is continually assessed and then updated to reflect current theory, align with existing technology and business practices,” says Brow. “Of particular importance is the educational philosophy that places paramount emphasis on hiring professors with real- [...]