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Since graduating, he has sought out ways to stay connected to the School of Business. He first got involved with the School of Business Alumni Chapter and will serve as its president in the coming year. He is a sponsor of the Annual Business Celebration and sits on the advisory boards for the School [...]
An Innovative Gift: Time by Nicole Hitpas -- Nov 16th 2016
In 2005, he worked closely with the School of Business Alumni Relations staff to create the first Annual Business Alumni Celebration, the School of Business' premiere alumni event. In 2009, he became active with the School of Business Alumni Chapter, serving as vice president of events and then led [...]
Davidson, a junior majoring in information systems and operations management, received a School of Business scholarship. He’s a non-traditional undergraduate student. Already a mid-career professional, he is bringing “experience to the classroom that you don’t normally find,” and he doesn’ [...]
While companies are legally obligated to reveal side effects, the commercial made Hock wonder if there were other instances where strong arguments are used alongside weaker ones to reduce persuasion. From there, he found “top 10” lists, which contain “reasons to engage in any type of socially [...]
After all, he was already a successful government contracting executive and entrepreneur. He started his career in EDS’s government group and was running a $200 million business with the air force before leaving to co-found his first company, Business Impact Systems. After selling that company in [...]
Who Wants to be a Gazillionaire? by Damian Cristodero -- Nov 3rd 2016
“Skip deserves the recognition,” said David J. Miller, executive director of Mason’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. “Skip’s track record of innovation and success in an intensely competitive global industry fills his teaching and mentoring activities with cases and skills based [...]
Miller is a non-traditional student, returning to earn his bachelor’s degree after taking a 10 year break, while working full-time with NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association. He is a recipient of the L.T. Services Scholarship, and says “it is not everyday non-traditional students are afforded the [...]
Alum Credits MS in Management for Consulting Career by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Oct 31st 2016
For Leonelli, the MS in Management program sort of fell into her lap. She said when she graduated with her undergraduate degree from Mason in communications (with a concentration in public relations and a minor in information technology), she knew she needed more in order to get her foot in the door [...]
There are two different fundraising mechanisms that entrepreneurs can choose for their project—all contribution or all or nothing. The all contribution mechanism allows project creators to receive funding even if the original fundraising goal wasn’t met. The all or nothing mechanism prompts the [...]
The Story Behind a Company’s Power Surge by Damian Cristodero -- Oct 26th 2016
That’s how David J. Miller, executive director of George Mason University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, remembers his former MBA student. It was those qualities that Miller said prompted him to invite Trexler, and the head of the startup where Trexler worked, into the School of Business [...]