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Marketing Professor’s Word-of-Mouth Research Honored by Katherine Johnson -- Sep 6th 2016
Accounting Student Awarded Prestigious Scholarship by Katherine Johnson -- Aug 29th 2016
The PCAOB is a nonprofit that protects investors by promoting independent audit reports and oversees the audits of public companies and broker-dealers. The organization has awarded scholarships to more than 400 students for the last six years; the scholarships are funded through monetary penalties imposed [...]
“It’s helped me move up at Treasury very, very quickly. Being able to show hard work and going above and beyond at work, but also taking the things from the program and translating that into work very quickly helped. I definitely feel like I wouldn’t be where I am in my career if I hadn’t gotten [...]
A Powerful Boost to the Water Supply by Damian Cristodero -- Aug 18th 2016
Though relatively rare at water utilities, microgrids are gaining popularity with municipalities and businesses dependent on outside power sources because they can operate independently. These localized electricity distribution systems contain loads and distributed energy resources, and use on-site [...]
EMBA Connections Last Beyond Graduation by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Aug 15th 2016
“I invited Gaurav to speak to my company during our annual kick-off meeting in Chicago [after graduation],” says Hoke. “He was a big hit and it went over very well. I’ve sought his opinion and guidance on a few things from starting a consulting business to finding new consulting business with [...]
Under a new program funded by a $300,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, George Mason’s School of Business and Volgenau School of Engineering will work with cities and counties to strengthen cybersecurity governance and to develop cybersecurity education modules and reference materials specifically [...]
In fact, a $1.5 million award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will enable the Center for Assurance Research and Engineering (CARE) in the School of Engineering to research and develop a technology to decipher changes in analog signals to reveal whether IoT devices have been [...]
Student Diversity Makes Mason Like “a Little UN” by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Jul 25th 2016
“This quality sets Mason apart from other business schools. People feel connected to each other, and I found they have an appreciation and respect for different cultures. Understanding diversity is a very important skill in today’s workplace; so having a diverse student population enables Mason [...]
With the goal of preparing and promoting more women and minority executives to serve as board directors, the WWLI - Mason Access Leadership Board Preparedness Program serves as a catalyst to advance fresh faces and new perspectives. The robust content increases participant’s knowledge, skills, abilities [...]
Montano, who earned his BS in accounting from Mason, has served as the chief investment officer at the U.S. Department of the Treasury for two years. He manages the remaining investments made in U.S. financial institutions during the financial crisis. Prior to joining the Treasury, he was an M&A [...]