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“The MS in Technology Management program is continually assessed and then updated to reflect current theory, align with existing technology and business practices,” says Brow. “Of particular importance is the educational philosophy that places paramount emphasis on hiring professors with real- [...]
Smelling the Roses on the Way to the Arctic Circle by Damian Cristodero -- Feb 8th 2016
The trip took five days over the Glenn, Richardson, Denali, and Dalton Highways. The Denali and Dalton (the notorious roads in the TV show Ice Road Truckers) are mostly unpaved, with potholes the size of beach balls that would “change your day,” Piper says, and tractor-trailers flying by at 70 to [...]
Business Alum Oversees $17 Billion Clean Energy Portfolio by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Jan 11th 2016
Not too many business professionals can tout their assistance in helping the President of the United States, but Mason business alumnus Scott Hine, ’85 BS in decision sciences, can do just that. Hine and his team were responsible for providing project management oversight of a $17 billion clean energy [...]
MBA Students Analyze Artist’s Business by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Dec 17th 2015
Entrepreneurs are taught to think out of the box, and so of course, it only makes sense that a professor of entrepreneurship would also think out of the box when presenting lessons to their students. For students in one MBA course, analyzing the business of an artist was just one of many real-life lessons [...]
Five Students Named Prestigious NSF Innovation Fellows by Jennifer Kleiner -- Dec 14th 2015
This prestigious program trains selected student leaders on how to create new opportunities for their peers to engage with innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creativity. While the program yields numerous applicants from across the country, the final 2015 UIF Fall Cohort consists of only [...]
Alum Finds Niche in Real Estate Development Program by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Dec 8th 2015
One of the most impactful experiences he had during the program was participating in the NAIOP Capital Challenge, both as a team member in 2014 and as a coach in 2015. An annual event, the best and brightest from the Masters of Real Estate programs at American University, Georgetown University, George [...]
With IT playing an increasingly important role in international development and competitiveness, building IT leadership capacity is a key element for all countries, but especially those in developing areas. The goal of the accreditation program is to foster the development of IT leadership and chief [...]
Bachelor Party Inspires New App for Group Travel by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Nov 18th 2015
Aspiring entrepreneurs often wonder when that magical idea will hit them. Inspiration often strikes when least expected. That was the case for 2012 finance alumnus, Michael Modica. The difficulty of traveling with a group of friends while on his bachelor party inspired Modica and a friend to create [...]
Mason-IBM-NSF Partnership Yields Second Cyber Report by Nicole Hitpas -- Nov 16th 2015
The conference, which built upon a summer 2014 workshop, brought together more than 200 attendees from across the United States. Conference speakers included industry experts, such as CISOs, chief technology officers (CTOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) from the government, private sector, and [...]
Accounting Alumna Appointed to SECAF Board by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Nov 11th 2015
“Being involved with SECAF keeps me in touch with the government contracting community and helps me to understand my clients’ businesses better. This helps me when advising them,” says Johnson. “I have been able to make many good connections at SECAF. It’s a great organization to be involved [...]